Summer 2018

Farewell from our Founding Executive Director
After six wonderful years at Berkeley Law, I'm handing over the helm of CRRJ. Creating and nurturing this one-of-a-kind think tank has been an honor, a privilege, and a labor of immense love. I'm endlessly grateful to my co-founder, Kristin Luker, and to every student, volunteer, staff person, and faculty member who has contributed to the CRRJ Crew since 2012. Of course, this rocket ship never would have launched, much less made it into orbit, without the fuel provided by devoted funders and donors to whom I'm thankful. 

I'm pleased with all we've accomplished over the years and proud of how we've done it. Building CRRJ has been a collective endeavor at every turn as we've operated in partnership with various organizations and institutions, seeking and following the guidance of experts -- particularly those drawing from lived experiences. 

In a similar vein, I'll be turning my full attention now to growing the SIA Legal Team, which is transforming the law and policy landscape so people who end their own pregnancies can do so with dignity and without punishment. This work was incubated at CRRJ, and the collaboration with it will continue.

In these turbulent and bleak times, it has grown increasingly apparent how essential CRRJ is to the morale and sustainability of the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement. With most mental, emotional, and financial resources flowing toward emergency services and defensive reactions to attacks, it is important to have a counterweight that maintains long-term vision and works to shift underlying power structures and 
ways of thinking. 

Activists and advoca tes on the frontlines have repeatedly com me nted about how important and inspiring it is for  them to engage with CRRJ on efforts to build, create, and generate toward a better 
future. At the same time, scholars and students are relieved and grateful to have a place to contribute their talents and energy that feels meaningful with real-world impacts.
Given the rising bigotry, vitrol, and cruelty practiced by too many politi cians and judges, short-term law and policy gains for reproductive rights are becoming more difficult to win. We must look beyond the visible horizon toward a better future -- one we may not  be able to see immediately but must nevertheless push ourselves to imagine and work tirelessly together to build. CRRJ provides a beacon of hope for that better future and a hub for people with the aptitude and appetite to achieve it.
I may be moving on, but CRRJ isn't going anywhere. It's in a secure place financially, reputationally, and programgatically. It's perfectly poised to welcome a new leader who will infuse it with their own vision, faculties, and brilliance. I'm confident that our Center has only just begun to realize its potential. I hope you'll join me in cheering it on and actively supporting its people and pursuits for the long haul. Thank you!    
Recent Developments
CRRJ spent the Spring educating and engaging audiences from the classroom to the courtroom to the conference room and beyond. 

Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and CRRJ Executive Director Jill E. Adams co-authored an  amicus brief  on behalf of federal constitutional law scholars in  Mabel Wadsworth Women's Health Center v. Hamilton . The case aims to restore Medicaid coverage of abortion care in Maine.

Our Executive and Faculty Directors spoke at many symposia and annual conferences, including those of the American Constitution Society, Abortion Care Network, Baby Markets, and National Abortion Federation.

We also co-sponsored events on campuses from coast to coast, including  Invisible No More: A Symposium on Resisting Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color at UC Berkeley and American Poverty and Gender: Government Control and Neglect of Women in Poverty at NYU.

Finally, Adams taught a highly lauded course called Selected Topics in Reproductive Justice to JD, LLM, MPH, and MPP students.
Coming up Next...
A Berkeley Law selection committee is in hot pursuit of CRRJ's next Executive Director.  Stay tuned for an announcement about who will soon take the helm.  
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