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June 2023
June Update
As we move headlong into summer, we are seeing new partnerships form and an exciting batch of joint webinars. Read on to learn about ACRC's partnership with Building Bridges Initiative, AG's recent webinar with Pro Bono Partnership, and how to provide your feedback for a new IACET standard.
How Long Does it Take to Become Accredited?

When starting on the road to accreditation, "How long will it take?" is a question on everyone's minds. Click below to learn more about the accreditation timeline.

Last Thursday, we had a very successful and popular webinar with our co-host Judy Siegel of Pro Bono Partnership. There were a myriad of great tips, including:

"Once a year, take a look at your Articles of Incorporation to see what your purpose clause says, because that is the only work you are legally allowed to do. I don’t care how wonderful the work you’re doing is, if it’s not within the parameters of that purpose clause, you’re acting outside the scope of the law. You can fix that, but you need to be aware of it!" - Judy Siegel

"The accrediting bodies want you to also be taking steps to measure your retention rates and staff satisfaction, but then take steps to address any concerns that are identified. What are you doing to stabilize and improve your actual workforce?" - Jennifer Flowers.

Thank you again to Judy for her insight and participation! If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

Below, you will learn more about our next webinar with AZZLY in the "Upcoming Events" section.
ACRC Becomes the New Home of Building Bridges Initiative
The Association of Children's Residential & Community services (ACRC) has announced that it will be the new home of the Building Bridges Initiative. After decades of partnering, these two organizations will unite under one to better serve children and families.
Your Input on an IACET Standard
The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is seeking public comments on the draft of its IACET 1- 2023 Standard for Continuing Education and Training. You can review and provide feedback by clicking here.
Comments are due by Monday, July 24, 2023
Young Adults Transitioning from Foster Care
Annie E. Casey Foundation has published a report providing state-by-state analysis of the experiences of young adults as they transition from foster care. Data spanning 15 years to the present details how young people are faring before and after they leave foster care and how child welfare systems support their transition to adulthood.
Planning Expansion?
If your strategic planning includes expanding your services into additional states, licensing and accreditation are two significant components for successful planning! AG can provide assistance with state licensing/certification applications and required documentation aligning with accreditation preparation. Contact us here!
June is National PTSD Awareness Month!
PTSD affects roughly 12 million people across the US, and it's important that they be given the tools to recover and live a better quality of life. Click here to visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' website and find tools to raise awareness and better understand PTSD.
If your organization has seen a direct and positive impact(s) on administration, revenue, outcomes of services/programs or marketing efforts, we would love to hear from you. We are presently seeking examples of improvements made as a results of earning national accreditation or reaccreditation. Please contact us here!
10 - 13
Columbus, OH
FFTA - Family Focused Treatment Association
Jennifer will be hosting two roundtable discussions, "Strategic Planning - Prerequisite for Successful Mission Fulfillment", and "Everything You Wanted to Know About Accreditation but Were Afraid to Ask", so be sure to stop by and join the conversation! You can also schedule some time for a one-on-one with Jennifer, or visit the AG booth! Learn more about this conference by clicking here.
Accreditation for Behavioral Healthcare Programs: Making the Right Decision
Jennifer Flowers and Peggy Lavin will be presenting alongside AZZLY for this FREE webinar where they will discuss the benefits and ROI for behavioral healthcare programs. Click here for more information and to register.
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