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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hello O'Hara families,

Beginning  on Monday, the 13th, our Accreditation Visiting Team will arrive to spend three days here at O'Hara. The purpose of their visit is to immerse in the culture of our school to gain an understanding of what O'Hara is all about. They will be using the Self Study document we created last year to examine and verify our school programs. They will be diving into the goals we have set as a school and collaborating with us on those goals. 

We had our last Accreditation visit 7 years ago and we received a 6 year rating, which is the highest rating that can be received. We have so much to be proud of as a school: our amazing students and staff, our school culture, our Catholic identity, our SLEs, and so much more! We are looking forward to the Accreditation Visit and sharing all that is O'Hara. 

If you should have any questions about this process, please feel free to come see me. I believe this is a very validating process and I know that O'Hara will shine. 

"Rise up in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you."

-Isaiah 60:1