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October 19, 2018
FAQs-Implementation of the PATH Intl.® CTRI

PATH Intl. Members have taken a great interest in the PATH Intl. Credentialing Council's recent announcement of the PATH Intl. CTRI certification. The communication has raised questions and curiosities about how members may be impacted by the implementation and process of the CTRI credential. Many more details remain to be communicated and will be released by the council in an intentional order to help members gain a comprehensive understanding of how they may be affected. In the meantime, PATH Intl. will endeavor to address on a regular basis the most common questions we receive from members.

What Is a PATH Intl. CTRI?
In response to the membership's desire to professionalize PATH Intl. credentials, the PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI) certification was developed in accordance with third-party accreditation standards to replace the current registered therapeutic riding instructor certification. The requirements of this credential were designed based on data gathered by a job task analysis (JTA) of instructors currently performing in the field. The PATH Intl. CTRI credential will be awarded to those candidates who have demonstrated aptitude of the foundational competencies of a CTRI including knowledge of disabilities, equines, teaching riding skills to students with disabilities and human-animal interactions. The PATH Intl. Credentialing Council will be announcing the exact date the current registered instructor certification will be phased out as well as the process by which instructors holding the registered instructor credential may receive recognition as a CTRI.

How Should the PATH Intl. CTRI Job Description Be Interpreted?
The CTRI job description is a list of baseline competencies that can be expected from an entry-level therapeutic riding instructor. These competencies were directly derived and validated by data from the job task analysis. The job description is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of therapeutic riding instructor skills, but is intended to provide a foundation for what can be reasonably expected from a newly certified PATH Intl. CTRI. For example, PATH Intl. CTRIs can be expected to independently conduct effective, safe and basic equestrian lessons to individuals with disabilities based on a lesson plan reflecting participant goals, while ensuring properly fitted equipment/tack; and managing equine, volunteer and participant behaviors to maintain a safe environment. Additionally, PATH Intl. CTRIs can complete progress notes, but may need assistance with identifying areas for improvement in their lessons. It should be expected that PATH Intl. CTRIs will need assistance matching participants to equines as well with conducting intermediate equestrian lessons to participants requiring transfer to and from ambulatory devices and/or needing complex tack adaptations. Additionally, PATH Intl. CTRIs cannot be expected to ride program equines and may require assistance with schooling or conditioning of equines in particular.

Dependent on experience, many individuals may possess a broader skill set that allows them to independently perform tasks listed as those a PATH Intl. CTRI may need assistance with--or even those identified as skills not expected of a PATH Intl. CTRI. It is recognized that centers have varying needs. The hope is that centers will use this job description not only as a foundation when designing job descriptions for employees, but also to identify what assistance/support instructors may need from other EAAT professionals in order to meet the unique needs of the center's programs. PATH Intl. does not expect centers to hire additional staff except as necessary to comply with PATH Intl. Standards.

Why Isn't There a Riding Test?
The JTA did not reflect that the ability to ride an equine is an essential skill an entry-level PATH Intl. CTRI needs to perform their job. As a result, the JTA established that no riding test is necessary in order to verify baseline competency of PATH Intl. CTRIs. However, the council recognizes that knowledge of how to ride is helpful when instructing the fundamentals of riding at all gaits, equine behavior, mounting and dismounting, and other skills to ensure safe and secure equine activities. Just as reflected by this statement, INSTRUCTION of skills is a critical component of the CTRI job and therefore should be the focus of assessment. Correspondingly, an assessment will be conducted via the requirement of a video with the candidate instructing a rider through performing certain skills while riding a predetermined pattern. This video will provide evidence of the candidate's level of instruction knowledge and skill as related to riding. Furthermore, this new video requirement will be more accessible to candidates who may not currently be able to ride but have riding experience and/or are well-qualified to teach riding.

What If I Am Due to Renew My PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification?
Continue to submit membership dues and the instructor compliance form as usual. The council will soon describe the process (and effective date) for renewing instructor certifications after the implementation of the PATH Intl. CTRI certification. This will include membership and continuing education requirements.

What If I Have a PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Application Pending?
The future implementation of PATH Intl. CTRI does not void any pending registered therapeutic riding instructor applications. Candidates already in the process of certifying to become a registered therapeutic riding instructor may proceed and complete certification under the current registered certification program processes. This includes completion of on-site or video resubmissions. The council will soon be defining the exact date by which all candidates must complete registered instructor certification. This date will be communicated to allow a reasonable amount of time for candidates to conclude pending applications.  

Questions are welcome and appreciated as they help inform the FAQs. Please contact Bret Maceyak.
What's Next?
Further details about the PATH Intl. CTRI will be released in the coming weeks. 

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