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Upcoming Projects
1:19 Scale Tasmanian K1 Garratt 0-4-4-0
After falling back a little on the production schedule, the first production units of the K1 Garratt are coming off the line. See attached photos for the first two production units. Reservations are recommended.
1:20.3 Scale Saxonian VIK 0-4-4-0T
The butane fired German locomotive will be available 2018
1:20.3 Isle of Man 'E' Van
This newly tooled I.O.M. ‘E’ Van matches well our other I.O.M. coaches we’ve produced in the past. Although 1:20.3 scale, they look well with 1:19 scale equipment as well. Available in maroon and cream or green and cream. These will be available in 1-2 months 
1:32 Scale 'Victory' Kerr Stuart 0-6-0T
Production is starting on these British locos with delivery expected in December. 
1:32 NSW C38 class 4-6-2
Coming up in production is the Australian New South Wales Government Railways 38 Class. These are complex and powerful engines and offered in both streamlined and unstreamlined across 6 liveries. Reservations are recommended.
1:32 BR MK1 Coaches
With tooling underway, this year we will be introducing two new MK1 coaches, the first corridor (FK) and the second open (SO). Following strong demand this year, we will also have a limited rerun of the second corridor (SK) and brake second corridor (BSK) models. Reservations are recommended. 
R32-10A BR MK1 Second Corridor (SK) - Maroon
R32-10B BR MK1 Second Corridor (SK) - Carmine & Cream
R32-10C BR MK1 Second Corridor (SK) - Chocolate & Cream
R32-10D BR MK1 Second Corridor (SK) - Green

R32-11A BR MK1 Brake Corridor (BSK) - Maroon
R32-11B BR MK1 Brake Corridor (BSK) - Carmine & Cream
R32-11C BR MK1 Brake Corridor (BSK) - Chocolate & Cream
R32-11D BR MK1 Brake Corridor (BSK) - Green

R32-12A BR MK1 Second Open (SO) - Maroon
R32-12B BR MK1 Second Open (SO) - Carmine & Cream
R32-12C BR MK1 Second Open (SO) - Chocolate & Cream
R32-12D BR MK1 Second Open (SO) - Green

R32-13A BR MK1 First Corridor (FK) - Maroon
R32-13B BR MK1 First Corridor (FK) - Carmine & Cream
R32-13C BR MK1 First Corridor (FK) - Chocolate & Cream
R32-13D BR MK1 First Corridor (FK) - Green
1:32 3-Bay Open Hopper
This gauge one hopper is another new Accucraft rolling stock project which has just completed tooling. These will be available in two liveries: Chesapeake & Ohio and Virginian Railway.
Accucraft reserves the right to change prices, colors, specifications and availability without  notice.
All items are FOB Union City, CA.
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