New Service From ABC Massachusetts!

ABC’s expert communications consultant can help you achieve a top-notch entry through a professionally written Excellence in Construction Awards application!
There’s no shortage of reasons why your company would want to win an ABC Excellence in Construction Award.  Winning builds morale within your company by providing public recognition of the outstanding work done by your employees, and it harnesses all our chapter’s promotional resources to raise your profile among construction industry leaders and the public at large.  Just as important, ABC works to arrange for local elected officials to visit the project, allowing you to build important relationship.

But winning requires that you tell the competition judges the story of your project in a compelling manner.  Some member companies have the in-house capacity to do that, but many don’t.

To level the playing field and give more member companies access to the Excellence in Construction Awards (EICA), ABC is launching a service that will provide the professional expertise needed to ensure a top-quality entry.

What We Can Help With
The project narrative that tells the story of your entry is one of the most important parts of every EICA entry.  For 13 years, ABC communications and public relations consultant Charlie Chieppo has been reading those narratives to develop summaries that appear on the posters created for each project.  This year, he is available to craft the narrative for your project.

Chieppo will interview project and company staff to learn and convey the story of your entry.  He will complete a draft narrative for your review, and refine it until it meets with your satisfaction.   This service will be available at a reduced member rate of $1,600 .  

For those who have the in-house ability to write a draft narrative ,but could benefit from professional polishing and editing, Chieppo can review and edit your draft for a member rate of $500

Don’t let lack of in-house capacity prevent you from getting your company’s best work recognized!

Contact Dan Gearin or Greg Beeman today at   or  if you are interested in learning more.