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April 2015
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Making the Cut - Dwayne Evans
A look into the life 
of a NBA hopeful 

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Physical Therapy Corner: 
Taylor Millican, PT, DPT, ART

Clinician focus is back! 
Holly J. Benjamin, MD, FACSM

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IN THE COMMUNITY: Acceleration Naperville 
*Faster, higher, quicker, stronger*

 Whether you're a weekend warrior, trying to stay in shape or a professional athlete, Acceleration Naperville provides quality trainers and programs to help athletes reach their goals.  


Achieve has worked with Acceleration trainers to provide athletes with a solid strength foundation, injury prevention exercises, flexibility programs, and patient education.


Visit Acceleration! 

Director of sports performance, JR Niklos took some time to talk to Achieve about why Acceleration works! 


How does Achieve help your athletes?

"[Achieve] helps us break through limitations...They have done a great job getting athletes back to full speed, faster, and by setting a strong foundation for injury prevention..." Read more.

 What type of client is your favorite? Why? 

"I love training any hard worker. We do the rest. My favorite athletes aren't the pro athletes we train, but the ones that come in as backups and leave as starters..." Continue


Read on for our entire Interview.

Community Corner

Achieve Website
Achieve upcoming 
Community Events:


Spring into Running Healthy

April 21 


Athleta Naperville

103 S. Washington Blvd. 

Suite 101

Naperville, IL 60540

(630) 548- 2628


Join Gina Pongetti as she discusses the top 15 things you can do to stay healthy as a runner! 

View more details! 


Darien Swarm Registration 

April 21


See additional details below or visit


Impact Dance Studio

April 23



Open to all Impact company members only. 


Join Gina Pongetti and Abbey Wills as they discuss common dance injuries,  how to stay healthy during competition season, and Dance Nutrition 101. 


 Chiefs Rugby- U16 Match

April 25

11:00 am


Haven't watched Rugby before? Now is your chance. Come see the U16 team as they take on the Glen Ellyn Ducks! 

Chiefs Rugby participation is open to both High School and Middle School Boys and Girls. They currently have openings for first time players, intermediate, and experienced players.  

Visit Chiefs Rugby website and Facebook page. 


Endure It! Ride N Tie

April 26th




Two Athletes, 1 Bike, 

9 miles of trail! 

There is still time to register

Visit for all the details! See you there! 


Weeknight Wellness Workshop

  April 29

  7:00 pm 

  Join us for our second of three  wellness workshops! 


All are welcome to attend and bring a friend. 

RSVP here. 


Achieve Orthopedic

Burr Ridge

7055 High Grove Blvd

Burr Ridge, IL 60527 


Debi Rogers, 

Health & Wellness coach 


Gina Pongetti,

Achieve Sports Medicine Director


Baseline Concussion Screening 

May 16

Call for Appointment 


Evolution Soccer Club is preparing to start their Fall season. Players are encouraged to call and make an appointment for a baseline ImPACT and sideline assessment.  Don't wait until it's too late! 


Please call (630) 371-1623 for more details or email 


Baseline concussion screening is available to ALL Achieve friends and family. Please call ahead. 


INTENT Tinley Park Duathlon

June 28 (Expo June 27)

View more details


Compete as an individual or a 2 person team in this 2 mile run, 11 mile bike, and 2 mile run. 


We are proud to be the official sports medicine sponsor for Darien Swarm Football and Cheer!

All boys and girls 5-14: Darien Swarm Football and Cheer are holding open registration days:
April 21st
May 27th
Stop by to ask questions, register and sign up for concussion screenings. 

Registration takes place at: 
Darien Police Station 
1710 Plainfield Road
Darien, IL 

For more information, please visit

Want to give your club a shout out ?   Let us know!

Posture-Sit Up Straight Already-But Why?
Portrait in Color
Gina Pongetti, MPT, MA, BS, CSCS,ART-Cert
Achieve Sports Medicine Owner
Sports Medicine Director


Posture is so very important for growth, daily living, performance, appearance and injury prevention. Poor posture can make you look less confident as well as less strong, due to the forward shoulders, head down, and rounded upper back positions that result. So, why does this happen? 


There are 8 main reasons: (Read on for full description) 

1. A lack of attention to standing up straight.

2. Newfound body changes, such as being taller than peers, females developing early

3. A lack of strength in the posture muscles

4. A lack of endurance in the posture muscles 

5. Poor shoulder and chest flexibility

6. Current youth and adult lifestyle-not ergonomically correct at school/work

7. Current technology- phones, computers, kindles

8. Some genetic conditions, such as scoliosis, leads to poor upper back and shoulder posture. 


Whew. Lots of reasons why, so no matter which category or categories that you fall into, lets learn how to make yours better, and how to prevent others' from being anything less than perfect!  

  1.  Mirror view. Simply stand straight up, not too arched, not hunched forward. If you have someone take a picture of your from the side, your ear, shoulder, hip, and knee should line up vertically, without your head being too far forward or your shoulder rounded back.
  2.   Mid back Strength. Lay on stomach, and do a variation of Superman. You are going to lift your arms only, keeping your head down. This focuses on upper back, and not your lower!
  3.  Endurance. Sit, with a bar over your head, weighted or not. You can use a broomstick too if you want to! Then... you just sit there with your legs straight out, as long as your can, reaching up high, like an "L".  Don't hunch, or you're your knees. Goal: 3 minutes!


          Read on for  more tips and exercises to improve your posture and WHY it's so important! 



Gina Pongetti is the owner and director of Achieve Sports Medicine. Gina focuses on manual therapy/ hands on techniques in combination with in-depth analysis of biomechanics and movement patterns. Gina is available for scheduling out of our Burr Ridge and Naperville Sports Medicine Clinics. Read Gina's full bio, here. 


Achieve Website    Making the Cut - Dwayne Evans
      A look into the life of a NBA hopeful       
Dwayne Dunk

Dwayne Evans

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 230

Position: Small Forward

Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL

High School: Neuqua Valley

Major: Business Administration


Dwayne Evans may only have to aim to the standard 10 feet hoop when making a basket but in his athletic career, Dwayne is relentlessly aiming higher and higher. His dream since starting basketball at the age of 3 has been to play for a professional basketball team. With the support of his family and the drive of achieving his life-long dream, Dwayne has and is doing everything possible to make the cut.


Dwayne graduated from Saint Louis University in 2014 with dreams of making it into the league. During his time in college, he was named first-team all-conference selection two consecutive years in a row (2013 & 2014), played in every game during his career (134), led his team in rebounds all four years in college, was an All-Academic team selection for two consecutive years, and had countless other incredible statistics and accomplishments. Unfortunately, Dwayne was part of the 98.8% of senior collegiate basketball players that were not drafted by a NBA team. But that hasn't stopped him.


And neither has his first substantial injury. He had surgery to repair a bone spur, patellar tendonosis, and an abundance of scar tissue removed from his knee. Although the process has been a long one, Dwayne has not stopped working. A typical day for Dwayne is now dedicated almost solely to recovery and achieving his dream:


"I wake up, go to physical therapy at Achieve Ortho, then head over to Acceleration for speed/agility/strength training for about 2 hours. Then I try to head over to the gym to either play or get some shots up. I work some recovery time into my schedule after that-usually rolling, stretching, sometimes, the steam room. On some days I coach, so I'll coach after that, go to my part time job and in the rare instance where there is extra time, I try and fit in a social-life, but that's not my priority."



After trying one physical therapy clinic and not seeing the results that he wanted, Dwayne heard about Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute from one of his trainers at Acceleration Naperville. 


"Finally getting to a clinic that knows exactly how to work with athletes like myself and continuing my training program has helped me get closer and closer to full strength. I expect this kind of specific treatment for my knee combined with strengthening exercises will help me avoid these types of injuries in the future. The staff at Achieve has been nothing short of incredible...they addressed my key trouble areas, how to fix them, and gave me objective measures in which to compare."


Read about Dwayne's entire journey, here. 

Achieve Website
Can you EndureIT!?
A  Q & A session with Erik Walter, 
EndureIT Manager & Head Mechanic

Endure IT and Achieve have worked together for many years. As our relationship has grown, we have seen first time triathletes become elite and we have seen injured athletes overcome obstacles to excel at their sport. With the re-vamping of their new FIT studio in Naperville, Endure It seems to have it all. Read our entire interview with Erik, here.  



How do your athletes benefit from working with Achieve Orthopedic Rehab? Why do you work with Achieve instead of another rehab facility?


 " I am over the moon about our new partnership with Achieve.  Achieve brings an element of thoroughness to the Endure It! brand, and I can't believe we didn't  tackle this sooner!  The fact that we have the ability to partner with a reputable PT/Sports Medicine facility puts us in a position to truly service the whole athlete.  Just off the top of my head I can count 20 Endure It! athletes that have connected with Achieve and have come out the other end better athletes - no, not just with their injuries fixed, but better athletes.  I'll be the first to admit that I was floored by the dynamic at Achieve.  They speak to the athlete and it makes us feel better as coaches that the athlete is being spoken to..." Read more! 



What is the new fit studio in Naperville? Can anyone stop by?

" The new fit studio is an idea we've had for some time.  Part of our core business is bike sales and in the world of performance triathlon and cycling bicycle fit is everything.  When we first opened we brought in equipment that was state-of-the-art at the time, and as the industry grew into the mainstream bike fit technology went crazy.  However, it's important to remember that regardless of the equipment it ALWAYS comes down to the fitter - and we have the best fitters in the Midwest (that's a fact, not an opinion)..." Read on! 

New Endure It! Fit Studio in Naperville. 


Be sure to read our entire interview here! 


 Interested in learning more? Check out 


Endure It Ride N Tie is only a few days away!

Register Here

April 26, 8:00am

Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute - Sports Medicine