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June 2016
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Video Gait Analysis

Mention this newsletter and get 10% off your analysis!
Do you ever wonder why treadmill running produces pain? 
  • Our therapists use their in-depth training in biomechanics to help you determine the cause of pain or discomfort
  • Gait evaluations can be performed either walking or running
  • Physical Therapists will take video and analyze quality of movement, cadence, and any irregularity that is noticed 

Covered through insurance with a MD prescription.

Self-pay rates vary.  Call us at (630)371-1623 for additional details!

Community Corner
We are happy to announce a couple new individuals that are now part of Team Achieve!

Nicole Ellis, DPT
Nicole is our newest addition to our amazing team of Physical Therapists!

Kira Olivares, PT Tech
You will see Kira in our Naperville clinic helping patients to #AchieveMore!


Run the Ridge 5K/1K

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who came out and ran at the 12th annual Run the Ridge 5K/1K!  Proceeds benefited ProActive Kids Foundation!  For more information on ProActive Kids Foundation please visit their website!

We hope to see you all running again next year!


SWARM Summer Camps

Darien SWARM Football and Cheer is holding Summer Football camps on June 13th-16th and on July 11th-14th for boys and girls ages 5-14!  To view the camp flyer and to register, please visit their website!


Injury Prevention Workshop
July 28th

Join physical therapist and triathlete Gina Pongetti for this interactive clinic in which you will learn quick, safe and effective ways to reduce common running injuries and prevent them from happening again. This clinic is suitable for all levels, walkers to marathoners! RSVP required.


We now offer Saturday hours on select weeks at both clinics!   Please call your clinic to ask about availability.


CPR  re-certification and Certification
 classes now available! 

-BLS for the Healthcare provider
-Family & Friends CPR/Choking basics

Classes provided through 
American Heart Association 

Team/group discounts available. Email
for more details! 

Want to give your club a shout out ?  Let us know!

The Return to Running
Tips and advise to do it properly 

Courtney Dynes, DPT, ART-Cert.
Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

As the weather becomes nicer, a scenic long run might seem more enticing! For runners who have been sidelined due to an injury, whether minor or major, returning to running can be a frustrating and nerve-wracking process. So, what do you do when you begin to feel better and get the green light to return to running from the medical team? Here are a few guidelines, tips and things to consider to help you resume your normal training and racing after an injury.

Develop a return to running plan with your physical therapist and/or physician.


     a. Discuss proper warm-up (brisk walk for 10 minutes) and dynamic stretches to be performed prior to running


     b. Even though you may not feel side effects (except for blisters and sore muscles), overtime running can lead to injuries because these structures have not adapted and can thus induce stress onto your body! Therefore, it is important to gradually progress back into running to allow for your bones, tendons, muscles and cardiovascular system to adapt to the stresses of running again.


     c. Incorporate 3 running days with cross-training days in between the running days. Cross training can include biking, using the elliptical trainer or cross-country ski machines, or water running. It is also important to include exercises to strengthen your core, glutes, hamstrings, and back.


     d. Start with a run/walk progression program such as this program:


Courtney is available for scheduling out of our Burr Ridge Clinic:

7055 High Grove Blvd.
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
630 371 1623

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Right Fit
Sport - Fitness - Wellness
"Movement is the universal language that bridges barriers and enhances life." - Suzanne M. Gray
This is the motto that creator and owner,Suzanne M. Gray, has established for Right Fit, an all-inclusive fitness and wellness facility based in Willowbrook, IL.  With all of herstaff working hard to uphold the integrity of this motto, Right Fit has been growing steadily and recently opened up their first ever satellite locationin LaGrange, IL.  Akin to most successful business stories is an owner with a passion who is not going to give up on their dream-Suzanne is no different.
As a collegiate athlete in her own right, Suzanne knows the importance of movement and exercise for daily living.  After graduating with her Masters from Western Illinois, she moved to Chicago where she worked in the Chicago Public School system as a Physical Education teacher and eventually moved into the private sector.  No matter where she went, Suzanne felt restricted with the programs and services that she could run, so she thought to herself, "I'm going to open my own place, even if it's in my basement."  And that is exactly what she did.  It started by taking some of her clients who had expressed interest in what she would be doing, and it started to grow, all by word of mouth, until she was able to open up Right Fit's first location in Willowbrook, IL.

From its humble beginning, Right Fit has been able to grow because of their amazing clients, their dedicated staff, and their focus on program design.  Right Fit has made sure to set themselves apart from other companies by retaining the best possible staff which in turn makes for the best experience for their clients.  With this well experienced staff, Right Fit is able to offer programs and classes for the entire spectrum of clients.  Programs are individually designed to fit elite level athletes, aging adults, individuals coming out of physical therapy transitioning back to daily activities, and even those with special needs.
Read the rest of our article of how Right Fit is helping the community in ways that no one else has here

Right Fit
7101 S. Adams St., Unit 7
Willowbrook, IL 60527
(630) 850-4050
Achieve Website

Understanding Why Pain Happens - And What to Do About It!
Is it all in my head?
Paula Johnson, PT, MOMT

80% of the general population will experience pain at some time in their life, requiring the assistance of a health care practitioner. Pain can be defined as "an unpleasant sensation that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony".  Pain may be localized to one body part, or can be more diffuse and travel to other parts of the body.

Typically pain can occur from repetitive use or from an injury, and in some cases "come from seemingly nowhere! It can be triggered by underlying tight/restricted muscles, fascia/connective tissue and joints, gut/digestive related issues, and aggravated by lack of sleep or poor sleep in general, or postural strains/sprains and stress and anxiety.

A cycle of pain will develop, with one model illustrated below, that can prompt various responses in the body.  Inflammation occurs to help the body start the healing pathway, which can then cause tissue/joint/nerve restrictions, i.e. adhesions and scarring. This process leads to pain, limited motion, and often muscle guarding/spasm.


Paula is the Clinical Director of Achieve Orthopedic Manual Therapy's Naperville office.  She has her Masters Degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy.  Her clinical  interests  include sports medicine, shoulder and knee rehabilitation, and spinal dysfunction.  She also has a special  interest  in education of post-graduate Physical Therapists.  To schedule with Paula, please visit:

Achieve Website
Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute - Sports Medicine