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June 2015
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Running to new depths:
A Fluid Running Feature
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Michi Menneke

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Portrait in Color  

Come join Gina Pongetti and her staff as we celebrate 3 years of Achieve Sports Medicine. 

Our staff truly appreciates all of your trust and confidence in us and we want to celebrate with YOU! 


Athleta Naperville

101 S Washington Blvd

Naperville, IL 60540




July 9, 2015



Food, Wine, Fashion Consult and a night on the town!  


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Good Luck at 

Nationals in Las Vegas! 



Midwest BOOM Football in National rankings!


Way to go, BOOM! Third rank team in the Nation!



Achieve staff members at the INTENT Duathlon expo. Check out INTENT Multisport to see what they're up to next! 



 Abbey Wills, our Burr Ridge Physical Therapist, completed her first triathlon! She competed in the Espirit De She Triathlon in Naperville along with Taylor Millican, our Naperville/Burr Ridge Physical Therapist.




In early June, Rob Duncan, Achieve PT Tech and personal trainer, completed USA Duathlon National Championships and got 2nd place! He qualified for Worlds in Australia on October 18th. 

Want to give your club a shout out ?   Let us know!
    The Importance of Cross Training for Athletes
Abbey Wills, DPT, ART-Cert         
Abbey Pic

     No matter what level you are, we all deserve to feel our best and maximize our outcomes while keeping things fun and interesting. Cross training is a great way to accomplish both! This term refers to performing a program that involves several different forms of exercise in addition to normal practice or workout routine. It is a way to diversify your workouts to enjoy maximum benefits while helping to prevent injury. A good example of this is strength training and biking to enhance power and performance for runners. 

      Potential benefits of integrating additional exercises are numerous. It can help to decrease overall risk of injury due to overuse or repetitive training routines and decrease burnout. Strength training can enhance weight loss and helps to improve form with dominant sport. Flexibility programs help to improve alignment, decrease compensations and relieve muscular/joint stress. Cross training helps to limit stress on commonly used muscle groups in one sport or activity. It can also allow you to continue fitness and training during times of injury when participation is not possible or appropriate. 

     Exercise options can be tailored to the needs of each athlete based on their dominant activities. To help with building a program, it is important to recognize alternative areas that are not commonly performed with individual training. Some examples are:

  • Speed, balance and agility drills
  • Yoga and/or flexibility programs
  • Pilates classes/core strength ie planks  

Read on to see all examples and read Abbey's article in its entirety.  


Abbey Wills is a Doctoral PT and one of Achieve's Performing Arts Medicine Physical Therapists. Abbey has an extensive competitive dance and musical theater background including minoring in Dance at Ithaca College. She has been privileged to work with many Broadway in Chicago tours including "Book of Mormon", "Motown the Musical", "Amazing Grace", and many more. Click here for Abbey's full bio. 


Abbey is available for scheduling out of our 

Burr Ridge Sports Medicine Clinic:

7055 High Grove Blvd

Burr Ridge, IL 60527



In the community: 
Energie Demi-Bar Pilates


Energie Demi-Bar Pilates in Hinsdale is not for the faint of heart! The biggest mistake anyone can make is reading their "Pilates, Fitness, Spa" description and think that they only cater to a specific population.  I must admit, when I was invited by co-founder, Jenifer Zeno, to take a group pilates reformer class, I jumped at the opportunity! In my head, this was going to be a perfect, "easy-day". I was SO wrong.  

Energie Demi-Bar Pilates  


As I write this article, my hamstrings, triceps, and pectoral muscles are screaming at me! I was blown away by the full body workout I received on the reformer.  As a long-term soccer player, I have participated in a variety of workouts but never something like this. There was a perfect combination of hard-work, safe low-impact joint movement, and a lot of education! 


As we began to work on the reformers, it was not hard to point out the first timer in the group. If you glance at the picture below, the gray shirt, sweaty woman is me! The two women next to me (you may recognize the one in the pink) were focused, smiling, and ready to move onto the next exercise.  Even though I was struggling with many of the exercises, the cueing and help from Jenifer kept me pushing.  In fact, Jenifer and co-owner Sheila Grace started their journey with the same curiosity and drive that brought me in to take a class... 


Read Marissa's entire Energie Demi-Bar Pilates experience.


Energie Demi-Bar Pilates 

18 West First Street-Top Floor

Hinsdale, IL 60521

(630) 734- 3493 


Achieve Website

Running to New Depths:
A Fluid Running Feature
Fluid Running

     Summer is finally here and everyone is looking forward to hoping in the pool for a "cool-down!" However, over at Fluid Running, athletes are jumping in the pool for a great warm-up, a lot of sweating and injury recovery through deep water running. It is easy to be skeptical about this type of workout as most people have only ran on "dry-land" and stuck to swimming when introduced to the water. Jennifer Conroyd, founder of Fluid Running, is out to dispel the myths of leisurely "water aerobics" and deliver a high intensity, low impact workout to anyone interested including athletes, teenagers, seniors and those struggling with their weight.

     Deep water running sounded interesting to some of the staff at Achieve so a few months ago they volunteered to meet Jennifer with Fluid Running and try it for themselves. Between a professional tri-athlete, former level 10 gymnast and a short distance runner, the expectation was that it would be a breeze. False! The words "tough" and "super hard" only begin to describe the experience. Nothing could have prepared our staff for this workout, except maybe a few beginner courses at Fluid Running. 

Fluid Running  

     Running in the water requires optimal core engagement, upper body stabilizers, and cardiovascular conditioning. Workouts result in 30-40% more burned calories than running on land. Caroline Yasuda, a Fluid Running instructor, is an avid runner and works at Naperville Running Company. She works with all levels of runners and refers to deep water running as "a positive way to improve your running, strengthen your core and have fun too." Even in her own experience, Caroline has used Fluid Running as a way to still get her workout in but less impact than the outdoors. 

 Read our entire Fluid Running feature, here. 


Read more about fluid running and how it can help you achieve your goals.

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