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October 9, 2014 marks the second annual PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day!


Today, we stand at the threshold of finally having our children diagnosed and treated! Parents are taking action today and throughout October:
  • 22 states proclaimed today PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day!
  • 35 events and fundraisers are going on across the U.S.!
  • 2 European Conferences in Italy and Ireland!
  • 14,500+ views of our Journal of Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology news!

Let's continue to be a collective voice in showing the world, there is no other moral course of action, but to help these kids!


This PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day, share your story, educate those around you, and continue to be the voice of our children!  


With Sincere Appreciation,


The PANDAS Network Team 


Thank you for making this day a success!
From requesting Proclamations and Resolutions to creating fundraising pages to help push research and advocacy further, the PANDAS/PANS community has done an outstanding job. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Community Wide Efforts

This year, we had 35 states request proclamations. As of today, 22 states have officially claimed today PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day!

These proclamations make a difference. They show the NATIONAL need and want for moving this cause forward. The proclamations give our plea for acceptance and attention validity. Thank you!

Click on the following to learn more about our community wide efforts:




Awareness Pack Giveaway

In honor of PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day, we are giving away 3 free bags full of items that will help you raise attention to PANDAS and PANS.

The PANDAS/PANS Awareness Pack includes:
  • Hope, Healing, Health Tote
  • Awareness car magnet
  • 25 Informational postcards
  • 25 Brochures-"What does a PANDAS or PANS diagnosis mean to your child?"

Help Continue the Movement!

Recognition and acceptance of PANDAS/PANS has grown and today, demand for our partnership and resources is greater than ever.


With your support, PANDAS Network will build on the momentum of recent gains to ensure that all children experiencing PANDAS/PANS symptoms receive the diagnosis and treatment needed to regain their lives.  


Click here to make a donation and help continue to move things forward.  

Thank you! 

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