April 2022
Acing the STARR Math Test!
Tips to help your child prepare for and pass the STARR Test.
Hey parents, standardized tests can be scary! Here are some things your child can do before and during the test to help them achieve their best possible score.

1- MATH PREPARATION - Most of the actual math prep work should have already been accomplished throughout the year leading up to the test. In these final weeks leading up to the test, your child can ask their Mathnasium Instructor about any math concepts or formulas they're still having issues with.

2- DO SOMETHING FUN - The night before the exams, have your student do something fun and enjoyable to take their mind off the test the following day.

3 - PACK SCHOOL BAGs THE NIGHT BEFORE - They don't want to be rushed the morning of the test. This can lead to feeling even more nervous and anxious.

4- PLENTY OF SLEEP - your student will do much better on the test if they've had plenty of sleep. Everyone is different, but 7-9 hours of sleep is the recommendation.

5- EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST - Food fuels the brain. your child should wake up early enough to eat a good breakfast. Don't experiment with any new foods the morning of the test.
"Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do."
-Benjamin Spock

1- READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY - They should read the entire question before they choose an answer. It is important to do this even if they already feel like they know the answer. They should underline any words that are important or that stand out.

2- MONITORING THE TIME - This is a timed test. They should wear a watch or be able to see a clock. If they don't know an answer, don't waste time - they should move on to the questions they do know and circle back if they have time left over.

3 - THE FIRST ANSWER - It's easy to overthink an answer. Your student's first answer is usually the best one. They shouldn't go back and change an answer unless they are absolutely sure.

4- REDUCING ANXIETY - If your child starts getting anxious during the test, they should stop, close their eyes, and take a deep breath. Teach them to breathe in through their nose and out through their mouths a few times. This will help them calm down.

5- ONE QUESTION AT A TIME - Thinking about all the questions that need to be answered can be overwhelming. Or, they may be concerned about a question they just answered - causing them to be distracted from the question at hand. Teach your child to stay in the present and answer one question at a time.
Another Success Story!
"When my son started Mathnasium, he was failing math. After two school years, he started getting straight A's - and has been getting straight A's ever since in MATH. Never would have thought that would be possible before Mathnasium."
— Colleen H.
2022 Summer Camps - Early Bird Special!
We are so very excited to return to full summer camps this year! We offering 1/2 day summer camps from 8:30-noon. We will be bringing back the ever-popular terrariums (we still have ours from last summer!) and Databots - new this year is geo excavation!!!! Enjoy math exploration through our games, Mathletics, team challenges, and much more! Camp is targeted for ages - 2nd-8th.
Tuition will be $200/week; sibling discount offered of $25 off/week. Early drop-off at 8am will add $25/week to tuition. Enroll by April 30 and received a $25 discount!
April's Kahoot! Challenge
Here we go again! Our centers have partnered with Kahoot! to create some amazingly fun ways to learn math - and we invite your child to participate in our April Kahoot! Challenge. It takes only about 5-10 minutes to complete.

- Choose one of the following four links.

- There are 5-10 math questions.

- Your student will be competing against other students and other centers.

- Winners in each category will get a spin on the Prize Wheel!
Join the Game! Join the Fun!
Back By Popular Demand!
Your Child Could Win $250!
Parents, we're excited to announce that our Summer Raffles begins this week! Starting this month, your students will be able to start earning raffle tickets through their work and attendance. Each ticket will be entered into the raffle drawing to be held at the end of August. Winners will walk away with a $250 Gift Certificate!

There will be a winner at each of our three learning centers. Students must be enrolled to win.
Save The Date
Student and Instructor Recognition Awards

Join us as we recognize our graduating seniors and instructors as well as amazing students for their amazing work and outstanding efforts!

May 12, 2022
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

The Oaks at Forest Creek
95 Twin Ridge Pkwy, Round Rock, TX 78664
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WEEK 2: Summer Camps

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Parent Resources
Make-up Session - If your student missed an appointment. You can request a make-up session.
Teacher Communication - It is our goal to form a partnership with the school, parents, and our center. Reaching out to your Mathlete's teacher is a key step in formalizing that communication, but it requires your written permission.
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