Hi Everyone, you've probably heard or read about a rare celestial event that is about to happen. After 150 years, we'll be experiencing the frequencies of an incredible moon and total lunar eclipse.  Here's what this means for your Zodiac sign: Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This February newsletter continues with beautiful messages from ArchAngel Gabriel channeled through my Sister-Friend Shanta Gabriel, and my spiritual Brother Frances E. Revels-Bey. May they uplift and inspire you.  

Message from Archangel Gabriel

"Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come
instead of how far you think you have to go"

Dear Ones,

You have grown and changed so much. You are so busy being in the moment, applying all you have learned, and giving of your talents, that it's necessary to take time to really notice how far you have come.

See all that you have given to others and your world. Notice how much you have changed and how hard you have worked on yourself. See how your intention for a better life is leading you forward. You have come a long way and truly have so much to offer. For all that you are, acknowledge yourself.

Acknowledge your commitment to a higher purpose in life. Acknowledge your willingness to give. Acknowledge yourself for the loving heart you share so freely, asking little in return.  

It is easy to be caught up in the world's view of goals and achievements. This spurs you to look forward to the future and to hurry through the present. In order to be more integrated and whole as a person, it is also necessary to look honestly at the past. This means being compassionate with yourself, seeing the lessons that you have learned, the things you would do differently, and knowing you have done the best you could. Then come into the present moment and acknowledge yourself for how far you have come.
Acknowledge yourself for who you are right now. Know that you are still learning many lessons in life but that you are willing to use all you have learned to live a fulfilling life. Honor the Spirit within you, honor the Love in your heart, respect the person you are right now and know the Angels of God are guiding you in every moment.  
When you treat yourself with honor and respect, the doors of Heaven open for you to fulfill your highest destiny on earth and to live in peace.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

I See & Decree Wholly JOY

I/We know that we are already in a state of consciousness that is called One Unified Field of Awareness & Remembrance as we are of The Divine Source and we are a minute part of Its Infinite Universal Resources. We are "Wholly Joy". Right now deep down in my Soul I AM is quietly releasing a prayer, an affirmative prayer for many who desire help, alleviation from existing pain in their physical body.

So, I See & Decree that this person or group of people shall be whole and complete and nothing shall remain in their body that is not of the divine nature that they were born with...and I further affirm and decree that I/WE know right now that the power that is boundless and the energy behind these words is infinite, therefore, as I type this flow WHOLLY SPIRIT OF JOY & INNER PEACE BREATHE FORTH RESTORATION into the bodies, the minds, the hearts, the homes and lives of everyone near and far; for in this very moment there is no lack, no illness and therefore, no dis-ease can remain where there is True Divinity of Wholeness, of Unconditional Love under Divine Grace.

I See & Decree that WHOLLY JOY walks with YOU ALL this day and beyond, right here and now.   Amen & So It Is and It Shall Be Done Right Now.

Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey

May your life be blessed with
an abundance of God's Amazing Grace !
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