No. 18

Monthly Newsletter
See-Ya Later Spring!
As I write this newsletter, May is almost gone and our June rush is coming up.  We just finished unloading the trailers from our 3 days at the Import and Performance Nationals in Carlisle, Pa. ( www.carlisleevents.com), and in 2 more days will re load to go to the Bug Out 78 in North Dinwiddie, Va. ( www.bugouts.com), on Sunday May 29.  We will take Memorial day off, then after a few days at the shop load up for the June Bug show at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton Pa. on June 5th ( www.junebugclassicvw.com).  We take 2 weeks off then load up and go to Xenia, Ohio to Larry's Off Road Center's Nationals on June 26 ( www.larrysoffroad.com).  We get to take the 4th of July weekend off then on July 9th and 10th we will be at Jim's Custom VW's car show on July 9th and 10th, in Columbiana, Ohio ( www.jimscustomvw.com).  We will have Berrien products only on display at Jim's.

     We unveiled the Lancer GTX (formerly the Gob Stopper Project) at Carlisle, and were pleased with the response.  We explained to folks the thinking behind this series of Beach Buggies, and everyone seemed to get the idea.  When one of us would make the statement that many of our customers wives or kids could not drive a stick shift car the response was almost always the same (from the older folks), "what do you mean people can't drive a stick?", then after a short pause most would say "you know I guess your right, my (fill in the appropriate relative) can't drive a stick."
     So the public unveiling went well.  Unfortunately it rained hard all day Saturday so we had to keep it covered up.  That was a disappointment, but something that we could not avoid.
     Before I get off the Carlisle story, I need to tell everyone how grateful I am that here at Acme there are some really dedicated employees/friends, who give up a lot of personal time to do the shows , and help out.  All of us take a great deal of pride and pleasure in meeting folks at the shows, and talking about our products and answering questions.  Without the help of Bob, Nick (Tank), Tyler, and, Little John we would not be able to do what we do.  Thanks guys, I really do appreciate what you do!! 

    One of the other great things that happened at the Carlisle show, was that we made a connection to have convertible tops and rear seat upholstery made for our cars.  Bob is currently working with Bill on pricing, colors, production, etc.  We expect to be able to start filling orders in mid June, and will make them available thru our dealers.  Keep watching the web site for details.  Dan is working on a New Products section for the web site and the tops will be one of the first featured items.
    No matter how much I hear people complain about titling/licensing a home built buggy in Pa.I am often left to wonder why?  It is possible to license homebuilts, if you are willing to do your homework.  To comply with some of the regulations you may have to compromise some of the design, but a reasonable facsimile can be built.  Thus the following story, the names are slightly changed, just because.
    Lenny is a friend of mine.  We go back to the days when I was driving my sprint car at Williams Grove Speedway and other local dirt tracks.  Lenny painted several of my cars and occasionally helped in the pits.  We worked together at several trucking companies as trailer mechanics, (the stories we could tell).
     Anyhow, right after my newsletter talking about licensing in Pa., Lenny stopped to visit and told me that he was building a street drivable sprint car, legal in Pa., and asked my advice on several issues.  He also bought some of our used parts off the sprint cars left from our intense World of Outlaws days.

     Lenny and Dave, (another friend from the trucking days), started with a used sprint car frame and proceeded to put a car together.  It took them about a year, and they actually went through 3 inspections before they got it done to the States satisfaction, but they got it done.  The pictures you see are of a titled and licensed, and Pa. safety inspected street drivable sprint car.  Lenny and Dave did a heck of a job, in the face of what some people believe is insurmountable problems.  I was mainly a sometimes advisor and outhouse engineer on a few issues with the project.  Lenny and Dave have proven that if you really want to build your own car, you can. 

     That wraps it up for this month.  If we have any energy left several of us are hoping to go pound the heck out of a couple buggies on one of the off weekends.  If we do I will be sure to file a report next month.
     Till next month, be safe, have fun, laugh and enjoy life.

Bugs By The River 8
September 24th, 2016