Acne Tips and Facts and Products For Order...
Acne Tips, Products, and Special Holiday Promos...
Hello November!! 🍁
November is underway already! I am working diligently on the new online store, which, is almost finished. But in the meantime, I created an online store in my Square account, which, you may click and order products easily within this email. I have found a BLUE LIGHT LED Hand Held device that is a pre-Black Friday Special! It will aid in controlling breakouts, help to keep your skin clear during the holidays, and in between your professional treatments. There is a micro-current add-on special for those who would like to address their acne scarring at a more advanced level. Lastly, I have included helpful tips and reminders on how to handle a breakouts during the holiday season so please read and review. I am away starting December 19th so if you need an appointment before the holidays please book an appointment soon!

Have an amazing November, and I hope to see you soon!
Wendy Malla
Extracting Your Own Acne is Never A Good Idea!
Extracting Your Acne...NEVER A Good Idea!

Many clients ask me what is the main reason for the large red dot that lingers on after their pimple is gone? Well, truthfully, you will always see some kind of indication that there was a pimple even after it dries up, and it will heal slowly and eventually disappear. However, for those who love to pick, you will see much worse than a red dot, you will see acne scarring, which can last for months. This is known as "post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation." A less wordy term would be acne scarring. Each time you use your fingers to pop these little guys you invite the following conditions: bacteria to spread underneath the skin causing more breakouts , potential to create infection, AND cause damage to the surface that will take months to get rid of. Here are some very effective methods in getting rid of large pimples quickly without resorting to picking at them.

  • Ice the pimple down for 3-6 minutes, which, can reduce the swelling by as much as 50% and it will also relieve any pressure or pain associated with it. Since pimples are inflamed icing is the perfect anti-inflammatory solution. This is a well known trick amongst top celebrity makeup artists, so don’t waste time picking when you can ice!
  • Adding a good acne spot treatment to your skincare arsenal that works to dry it up quickly so you will not be tempted to pick is important too! A benzoyl peroxide solution at a 5% or 10% strength are my first choices for quickly eliminating large deep pimples, but you can also use salicylic acid or a sulfur based spot treatment.
  • For those who already have acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation from former acne, then, I recommend a series of microdermabrasion sessions, nano-needle treatments, or chemical peels for smoothing out and getting rid of old acne scarring.

I look forward to seeing you back in for a treatment before the holidays, and please keep up with your acne regimen in order to keep your skin clear and radiant for the holidays!
Acne Treatment Black Friday Special
Acne Facial + Micro-Current Add-On Special For Acne Scarring!
  • This treatment is painless and very effective at tightening up pore size, and eliminating red marks--aka acne scarring left over from breakouts.
  • Black Friday Pre-Purchase Special $150.00!
  • Regular Price $185.00! a $30.00 Value!
  • Includes extractions, microdermabrasion and LED Red Light therapy 1.5 hours.
Blue Light Hand Held Device Pre-Sale!
  • Hand held Blue-Light LED device to treat breakouts.
  • Heal and calm existing breakouts.
  • Works well to maintain clear skin in between your professional treatments.
  • FDA approved device made in USA with 2-year warranty!
  • Regularly $170.00
  • Pre-Sale $150.00 + tax $162.75
  • A $20.00 savings.
  • Flat rate ship fee of $3.75.
  • Special pricing ends 11/24!
  • A flat rate ship fee of $3.75 or more within the Bay Area on unlimited items.
  • All shipments within the Bay Area are sent with two-day delivery, but may arrive sooner.
Acne Med 10% 2.0 oz. size
If you do not have time to drop by or find you are running low before your next scheduled appointment, then, you may order here via my online secure square store.
  • 2.0 oz. size for $19.00 + tax $20.62
Acne Med 5% 2.0 oz. size
If you do not have time to drop by or find you are running low before your next scheduled appointment, then, you may order here via my online secure square store.
  • 2.0 oz. size for $19.00 + tax $20.62
Clearderma Moisturizer Daytime Use!
  • This hydrator has anti-inflammatory agents along with anti-bacterial agents that help keep skin clear during the day and also keep the skin from becoming, too, dry while using Acne Med.
  • Click here to order via my online secure square store.
  • $21.00 + tax $22.79
Mandelic Serum 5%
  • Mandelic acid derived from almonds is anti-inflammatory and also helps to keep bacteria from forming inside the pore where bacteria settles. Also diminishes hyper-pigmentation caused from former acne.
  • $30.00 + tax $32.55
Hydrabalance Oil Free Gel
  • Hydrabalance Gel is oil free with anti-inflammatory botanical ingredients. It was designed to keep your skin hydrated while using Acne Med.
  • $21.00 + tax $22.79
Mandelic Face and Body Scrub
  • This exfoliant is superb at removing all dead surface cells, which, stick like glue to our skin and cause pores to clog. It also is helpful in diminishing hyper-pigmentation caused by acne.
  • $29.00 + tax $31.47
Mandelic Face and Body Wash
  • This cleanser is perfect for oily and combo skin, it does not strip the skin, and it effectively cleanses all dirt, oil and bacteria off the skin. It also helps to eliminate hyper-pigmentation.
  • $28.00 + tax $30.38
Vitamin A Liquid Retinol
  • Liquid retinol and a very moderate price penetrate deep to help exfoliate inside the pore walls, as well as the surface of the skin. Helps to maintain a smooth skin texture, and to eliminate hyper-pigmentation.
  • $49.00 + tax $53.17
Ultra Gentle Cleanser
  • This cleanser removes all the impurities from the day without stripping the skin. Ideal for dry skin with hormonal breakouts and sensitive skin.
  • $21.00 + tax $22.79
SF Happenings in November!
November is here! We have so much going on in SF! The holidays are here, and we are almost getting ready for Thanksgiving please see all that the city has to offer by clicking below!