Acorns to Oak Grove
Acorn Update

To celebrate MLK Day this past January, Canopy volunteers planted 120 oaks at San Francisquito Creek in East Palo Alto. Many of these oaks were planted as acorns.

Those of you who joined us may be wondering how the acorns have been doing. Canopy's newest acorn mascot, Artie, has an update for you! Click below to learn more.
Benefits of Oak Groves

Oak trees play a key role in supporting local ecosystems and sustaining a diverse web of native wildlife. The acorns planted at San Francisquito Creek will one day become a lush grove for the community. Learn more about the site and the benefits of oak trees by clicking below.
From the Blog
TUF Project Update:
All Five Preschool

The Teen Urban Foresters have been working with the community of All Five Preschool in eastern Menlo Park to design the landscape of their nature play space!

What's new in the Urban Forest?
Well-cared-for urban forests provide abundant benefits to city dwellers and are central to Canopy's vision of Midpeninsula residents thriving under the shade of healthy trees.
How the mass planting of trees could transform our cities

"In addition to absorbing carbon dioxide — an important step in battling climate change — trees can also provide other benefits that may not be immediately obvious." Anmar Frangoul |   Read more from CNBC...
The joy that comes from spending time in the nature outside our own front door is amplified when we work to ensure that everyone can experience this in their own neighborhood.
The urgent need for nature during and after COVID-19

"Access to safe, nearby nature must be prioritized as critical public health infrastructure and not just an amenity for a few." Gail Christopher, Kim Moore Bailey, Tyler Norris | Read more from Grantmakers in Health...

Enjoying nature during the shutdown is easy —
for those with access

"The fight for access to open space and natural landscapes has a long history, and it’s taken a new turn in the pandemic." Rebecca Solnit | Read more from the LA Times...
As these articles highlight, neighborhood nature is a matter of public health and environmental equity.

That's why Canopy is committed to bridging the “green gap” in Midpeninsula communities, prioritizing programs in areas where people do not have a thriving urban forest.

Together with all of you—our volunteers, supporters, and community partners—we’re growing urban tree canopy where it is needed the most.

Thank you for your partnership!
Share Photos, Spread Gratitude!
Show gratitude for your neighborhood trees by sharing your photos with Canopy and telling us what urban nature means to you. You can send your photos to Canopy on Instagram or Facebook, or email your photos to Katie at We love hearing from you!
"Since we've been working from home, walks through my neighborhood have made such a difference for me - both mentally and physically. These walks have also given me a refreshed passion for the work we do at Canopy. I'm grateful to be surrounded by people who believe in the power and necessity of urban nature, and who are committed to ensuring everyone in our community has equal access to it."
- Katie Rummel, Canopy Communications Manager
March Grantors
Many Thanks to Peery Foundation for their COVID emergency response funding for Canopy. We are grateful for their committed and generous support during these challenging times. 
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Canopy's mission is to grow the urban forest in Midpeninsula communities for the benefit of all. Our vision is a day when every resident of the Midpeninsula can step outside to walk, play, and thrive under the shade of healthy trees.