Meet & Greet
Daniel Scott & Lauren Matters

Samsara wellness center is looking for anyone interested in joining the first local acro-yoga community within Bakersfield! We want to play and need a little help from our future friends(thats you!) No experience is necessary. In fact, most of us are brand new beginners.

Whats acro-yoga?! Bring your questions, to Cafe Smitten this Friday, March 2nd from 6:00-7:00PM and they shall be answered!  
Internationally acclaimed yoga instructors, Daniel and Lauren will answer all your questions about yoga, acro yoga, swimming, mustaches, horses, communicating with animals, international travel etc, etc…. so bring a friend, prepare to LOL & grab a bite/sip of something delicious while you join us for some insightful conversation and some live acro yoga! 
Meditation Workshops
with Stephen Winters
March 9th, 16th, 23rd
There are many ways to develop a meditation practice, and even more benefits from doing so. Learn techniques to access a meditative state in this 5 class series. Each session will have a focused theme, a 20-30 minute guided meditation followed by a group discussion. Limited space, sign up soon!!!!
2nd Saturday Yoga @ 17th Place Townhomes with Ashley Scott
Saturday, March 10th 1:00PM

Samsara Wellness Center is delighted to offer another free yoga class in the beautiful courtyard of the 17th Place Townhomes in honor of Bakersfield Second Saturday. This class is open to all levels and will be lead by the one and only Ashley Scott!
Yoga at the Wind Wolves Preserve
Saturday, March 17th 1:00PM
Unite the peacefulness of yoga with the beauty of nature. Practice with The Samsara Wellness Center outdoors at the Wind Wolves Preserve! Feel the breeze and hear the birds sing amongst the endless rolling hills of the wind wolves preserve. Live music provided by Nich Von!
Receipe of the Month
Medicinal Mushrooms
by Katherine Winters

1tsp Powered OM mushroom blend- (Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Reishi)

Dash of Cinnamon
6 Ounces water
1 Ounce creamer of choice

Medicinal mushroom are in every health food store and on the rise in regular stores as well. The health benefits are long and vast. This is one of my personal favorites. It tastes delicious and I really feel it working when my immunity feels compromised. You can find this kind at sprouts and Lassens.
If you are interested in learning more, we have the perfect opportunity! Join Sean Lavahn at his next Tea ceremony. He will be discussing the healing potential of specific types of fungi.
First Friday Giveaways
Many of you have really been loving all the new art work in the wellness center. Now you can have a Stephen winters print, tank or tee of your own! Come by and say namaste at this upcoming First Friday. All people who swing by will be entered in a raffle to win a free shirt.
Medicinal Mushroom Tea Ceremony and Sound Healing
March 24th 4pm-7pm
 We invite you into the world of medicinal mushrooms
(non-hallucinogenic!) and sound frequency to build immunity, create a calm nervous system, enhance your cognition, and prevent disease. After a short visual presentation detailing the properties of various fungi, as well as a Q&A, we will directly contact the fungi kingdom through the avenue of homemade, On-the-spot, elixirs, "lattés", and drinks for you to taste and enjoy!
Afterwards, we will float into an extended special Sound Healing workshop. You will immerse yourself in the experience after having been beautifully led through some simple and relaxing movement and breath exercises by Stephen Winters of Samsara Wellness Center. 
Think of this as a more Ceremonial Approach to the whole experience.
Sound Immersions
March 25th 12pm & 3pm
Imagine going on an immersive journey of self healing...

Using Sound Harmonics I weave together the Planetary and other gongs, Quartz Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, chimes, ocean drums, rain-sticks, and other instruments as...

Read more
Students of the Month
Gary & Rebecca Collins
How long have you practiced yoga?
Gary- About 3 years
Rebecca- 5 years
Why did you start?
Gary - I read for years about how yoga helps to balance physical and mental health. Rebecca was suffering from symptoms of PTSD. I recommended that she attend yoga in search for a solution. After about 6 months, Rebecca began to practice regularly and seemed to be getting better. I gave it a try and have been practicing ever since.
Rebecca- I started practicing restorative yoga five years ago. I had been very sick with PTSD symptoms and Gary researched and found yoga to be beneficial for the central nervous system. We moved to Sacramento and I began to practice Bikram yoga and felt amazing results with mind body connection. 
What is your favorite yoga pose and why?
Gary- Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) it’s calming and seems to clear my mind. I like the way it stretches my hamstrings, calves and hips and it releases tension in my mid-upper back.
Rebecca- One of my favorite poses is standing separate head to knee pose and Warrior poses. I enjoy these poses because they improve my immune system and help me stay focused in the present moment.
What do you like most about practicing?
Gary - It’s self challenging without competing or comparing to others, it calms my mind and feels good on this 50 year old body.
Rebecca-  I began practicing at Samsara over a year ago and I enjoy learning breathing techniques and the attention to detail in my practice. Stephen and Katherine help me to take my practice off the mat and be more mindful in my life.  
Dont forget our other services!
  • Private yoga classes at $45 an hour and up to 3 people.

  • Customized massage therapy with hot stones, CBD oils and Chinese cups to help get you all fixed up.

  • Health Coaching that looks to heal more than just our relationship to food.

  • Corporate massage and yoga. We come to your place of business.

  • Sacred art tattooing. All original art and vegan plant based inks.
  • Tattoos are done in a private office with silent machines and essential oils.