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JULY 30 2010
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So it looks like Inception was the movie of your...dreams? (Should I GROAN or do you want to?)

But seriously, do you want to see it again, like me? It was great to see a film put forth so many rules, pay them all off and yet I never felt like there was too much explaining. Okay, there's a few logic holes in there but I got over them (same as in The Dark Knight) and I decided to take the ride. Overall, good show, Mr. Nolan and a nice break from the summer doldrums.

On the television front, I slipped into my alter-ego Telematic Dan and covered the red carpet at the Mad Men Season 4 Premiere in the Grauman's Chinese Theater complex in Hollywood. One of my best interview moments is linked to below, along with some new articles.


Mad Men star tells me what he wants to see in a screenplay!

Mad Men Interview Image
I interviewed the cast of Mad Men on the red carpet in Hollywood as my alter-ego "Telematic Dan" and I asked Vincent Kartheiser what he looks for in a good script.

One word. Can you guess what he said?

Watch It!-->
Meta-Structure or "the way in" to your story: Excerpt from Story Maps E-book!

Slumdog Millionaire imageI finished up a rough draft of my book this week and one of my favorite sections is on finding a way into your unique structure. Examples include Slumdog Millionaire, Little Miss Sunshine, Hustle & Flow, E.T. and of course, Mad Men!
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The Great Query Letter -
My Thoughts
"...tell them how much you love one of their smaller, critically-acclaimed films. They will appreciate you noticing one of their lesser-known, more artistic efforts. Do some research and point out an obscure fact about them and their work that could only have been known by someone who took the time to do their homework." READ IT-->
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Good luck and happy writing!

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