November 10, 2020
Act Today for Climate Action This Session
The Massachusetts State Legislature made real progress earlier this year by moving strong climate bills from the House and the Senate (H.4933 & S.2500) to a conference committee for reconciliation. While the legislative session has been extended to the end of this year, the climate clock is ticking and the window for meaningful action is closing fast. We need strong, comprehensive climate legislation this session.  

Please email your state representative and senator TODAY and ask them to urge conference committee members to include the strongest language possible for a meaningful bill and to move the final bill out of committee for a floor vote by the end of this session.

Specific provisions advocated by LWVMA are outlined in the LWVMA Letter to Conference Committee members (8/24/2020).

Please include the following link to the August LWVMA letter in your email message to your legislators: 

Thank you for your advocacy. There is no time to waste!
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