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Equality Louisiana (EQLA) is the only statewide coalition of college, local, regional and statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied organizations working to achieve full equality for Louisiana citizens of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.Visit our website!
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Fellow Advocate for Equality, 

Think Progress and JoeMyGod both featured stories about Representative Seabaugh's discriminatory bill. Both stories credit Equality Louisiana with standing up to Seabaugh and his latest attempt at backdoor bigotry. Help us to defeat this bill for all LGBT people in Louisiana by sharing these stories with your friends and by letting these legislators know you want them to oppose HB 402.


HB 402 is detrimental to LGBT people who are discriminated against by employers. Please view the EQLA and Louisiana Progress policy memo on HB 402 to read about the awful consequences the bill would have on both LGBT people and the state of Louisiana if passed.


Please, stand and fight with us.


Micah Caswell

Communications Coordinator, Equality Louisiana

Other Bills to Watch: 

Safe and Successful Students Act (HB 646)


This bill, authored by Representative Pat Smith, improves school climates for students most likely to be involved in bullying and harassment because they are different, outlines discipline alternatives that keep kids in school and off the streets, and gives better professional development guidelines for teachers and staff.


Sign this petition and contact the House Education Committee members asking them to support this bill. 


We need to demonstrate that this is important to us. 


Louisiana Fair Employment Act (HB 85)


Representative Austin Badon out of New Orleans will introduce HB 85: The Louisiana Fair Employment Act this legislative session. This bill would amend state protections and add safeguards from discrimination in public employment based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression


LGBT people, allies, and advocates can support this bill by asking the House Governmental Affairs Committee to pass this bill.