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Whether you love running, nature, history, biking or other forms of fitness - please join us as members and supporters in building out the Towpath Trail. Let's maximize this local treasure along the Cuyahoga River.

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Early-bird pricing for the Towpath Half Marathon is flying away March 1.


Register now to lock-in the lower rate!


The Towpath Half is the first race in the Towpath Trilogy. The race features three lengths- half-marathon, five-mile and a brand new three-mile race.

 Register for the Towpath Half Marathon,
April 12, 2015




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Work on my physical fitness-


The Towpath Trilogy features a variety of race lengths to accommodate runners of all experience levels. Whether you want to get started with the new three-miler at the Towpath Half, try the 10K at the Ten Ten or tackle the full Towpath Marathon; the Trilogy offers something for you!


Spend quality time with my friends and family- 


While running is an individual sport, training is not. Grab a friend and hit the trail!



Our Towpath Ten-Ten, on Father's Day, features special race categories for the fastest father-daughter, father-son and father-mother teams.


Reconnect with nature- 

Sometimes with our busy lives we neglect to take the time to absorb the natural beauty of our surroundings. The Towpath Trilogy shows off different sections of the Towpath Trail at different times of the year. Our races are held in the beautiful Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  




Help my community-

Proceeds from the Towpath Trilogy stay local to help the 501c3 nonprofit Canalway Partners develop the Towpath Trail in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.


Scranton Flats in Downtown Cleveland


 Register for the Towpath Half Marathon,
April 12, 2015




June 21, 2015 




Our most powerful advertisement for the Towpath Trilogy is the recommendations of the runners who love the races and the Towpath Trail. 


Do you love the course? Leave a comment on MarathonGuide.comto help us let other runners know. 


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Registration is now open for the first races of the 2015 Towpath Trilogy: the Towpath Half Marathon in April and the Towpath Ten Ten in June. This year, the Towpath Half will feature a new three-mile length. 


The Towpath Trilogy shows off the natural beauty of different sections of the trail at different times of the year. With a wide range of race lengths there is something for runners of all levels of experience.


Make 2015 the year you conquer the Trilogy! 




The Towpath Trilogy



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