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Monthly Florida PALM Status Report
In accordance with Proviso language for FY 20/21, we will need to provide status updates on the progress and cost of each of our agency business system interfaces and agency systems required for the transition to Florida PALM. The Florida PALM Team created a status report template to assist us when sharing the status of our business system(s) and interface(s). Beginning in August 2020, we will be requested to complete and submit a monthly status in this format. The Florida PALM Team will consolidate this information into the monthly statewide Project status report and submit it to the House, Senate, and Governor’s Office.
Working in Parallel
While our agency is working on our transition to Florida PALM in 2021 for CMS Wave functionality, we will also be collaborating with the Florida PALM Team on design and implementation tasks for the Central Wave. Our agency can look forward to:

  • Attending the Central Wave Office Hours this summer to learn more about the Central Wave business process models;
  • Discussing Central Wave interfaces and conversions during the workshops this fall;
  • Beginning CMS Wave training preparation and planning activities this summer; and
  • Beginning CMS Wave testing activities this fall.

As CMS Wave and Central Wave activities overlap, if you have questions regarding requests from Florida PALM, please reach out to our Change Champion Network members.
Did You Know?
...There will be a variety of training options available to staff who will use Florida PALM for CMS Wave functionality beginning in July 2021. Our agency is partnering with the Project Team to offer training on Florida PALM and we are updating our internal business process training documents.

...Work has already begun on our transition from Central FLAIR to Florida PALM, which is planned for July 2022. Keep a look out for more information on how this may impact you if you currently work with Central FLAIR functionality. Check out the Central FLAIR Business Process Models, available on Florida PALM website’s Meetings and Workshops page, under the ‘Central Wave Office Hours’ drop-down, for more information about the proposed changes to current processes and the benefits Florida PALM will provide.

...Florida PALM maintains a list of frequently ask questions on their website. Take a look today to learn more about our State’s new accounting and cash management system.
Getting our Agency Ready to Transition to Florida PALM
Our agency is collaborating closely with the Florida PALM Team to prepare our people, processes, and technology to transition to Florida PALM, beginning with CMS Wave functionality in July 2021. In addition to engaging us in various business process, technology, and security meetings, Florida PALM has developed readiness activities that will prepare us for our transition. These readiness activites will support us as we identify changes specific to our agency. Recently, we developed an inventory of CMS Wave operational procedures and participated in Change Impact Workshops. Soon, we will be participating in Role Mapping Workshops to support us in identifying and documenting role assignments in Florida PALM.
Updating Processes and Procedures
Have you begun updating your business area’s processes and procedures as they relate to our transition to Florida PALM CMS Wave? After the Change Impact Workshop in June, our agency now has a better understanding of the updates needed to onboard, train, and support users in Florida PALM at the CMS Wave go-live. We developed an inventory of related documentation that includes our agency’s job aids, policies, rules, forms, etc. We will use this inventory to prioritize and update identified documentation prior to July 2021.

(Agencies should insert how they plan to update their documentation, who will be involved, when, etc.)

Central Wave Office Hours
Central Wave Office Hours will be held on July 27, 28, 29 to share high-level information about the Central Wave business processes. This is an opportunity for our agency’s Central FLAIR subject matter experts to ask questions about the Central Wave business processes. If you use Central FLAIR today, we recommend reviewing these models to gain awareness of the potential changes to our current processes. The Central Wave Business Process Models are available for review on the Meetings & Workshops page under the Central Wave Office Hours on the Florida PALM website.
PALMcast Episodes
Have you listened to the latest episode of PALMcast? The second and third PALMcast episodes are available on the Florida PALM website. Guest speakers discuss their perspective and experience on a variety of financial management and Project-related topics. Episode two features Julian Gotreaux, Florida PALM Project Agency Readiness Team Manager. Episode three features Tanner Collins, the Department of Financial Services’ Director of the Division of Treasury. If you have topics of interest you’d like to share, contact to share. Continue to tune in to learn more as we journey towards the CMS Wave go live.
If you have feedback or questions about these topics or anything else, please contact .
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Florida Department of Financial Services
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