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Florida PALM Training Design
Our Training Liaison is preparing training plans for our agency for the CMS Wave. We have begun meeting with the Florida PALM team to review areas of training, key concepts, and learning objectives in preparation to create agency-specific trainings for end users for the CMS Wave. Review the timing of training activities by viewing the Training Approach on the Florida PALM website. End user training is scheduled to begin in spring 2021. Agency-specific trainings will supplement the training provided by Florida PALM.

(Agencies, enter your agency plan for offering supplemental end user training) 
End User Role Mapping Spreadsheet
Following our participation in the Role Mapping Workshop, we have begun updating our End User Role Mapping Spreadsheet. What this means is, we are identifying the Florida PALM roles our agency end users will need in order to perform their responsibilities in Florida PALM at the CMS Wave go-live. After we map people to roles, we must also update our processes and procedures that will change due to new roles and internal processes. The identification of roles will also help our Training Liaisons create training plans for our agency end users. 
A Glimpse into Florida PALM
In November 2020, our Agency Super Users will have a facilitated, hands-on opportunity to perform common activities in Florida PALM prior to the CMS Wave go-live. Model Office for Super Users is an activity that provides a chance for team members designated as our agency’s Super Users to gain exposure to Florida PALM and to begin validating the change impacts identified by our agency following the Change Impact Workshops we attended. These Super Users will help support our agency’s end users after we transition to Florida PALM. This is our opportunity to see and experience the functionality Florida PALM will bring.  
Want to know more about reports?
There are more than 50 planned reports that will be accessible from Florida PALM at CMS Wave go-live. Reports will be available on topics such as investments, interest, bank accounts, deposits, and outstanding payments. End users will access reports and data through standard reports, inquiries, data extracts, or dashboards. The Florida PALM Project published a Reports Catalog that lists these reports. The Project has created a Reporting Workgroup that will assist the Project in refining the Reports Catalog. Materials from these workgroups are available on the Project’s website. The Project team will share information on the design, development, and implementation of Florida PALM reporting functionality, and the status of legacy reports and data that will be retained in the Florida PALM system.
Additional Chart of Accounts (COA) Information
The COA Configuration Workbook is a great resource for us located on the Florida PALM website. The workbook provides the Florida PALM COA values for the CMS Wave. This will help us determine changes our agency will need to make to our agency business systems based on the new Florida PALM COA values by:
  • understanding the COA-related fields that will be available during the CMS Wave; and
  •  identifying COA values that will be used in interfaces sent to Florida PALM from our agency’s business system(s)
Interface and Conversions
We received the Catalog of Interface Offerings which describes the inventory of CMS and Central Wave interfaces. We began receiving interface layouts for the Central Wave in August. The Project Team will continue to share Central Wave layouts through October. To support Central Wave conversion activities, our agencies may be asked to assist in data cleanup. The Interface and Conversion Workshop, scheduled for October 1, will help us understand how to review the interface layouts and what data will be converted for Central Wave. The Workshop will also include a kickoff for interface testing activities for the CMS Wave. Following the Workshop, the Project has regular Office Hours planned to address questions our agency may have about interfaces prior to testing next summer.  
PALMcast Episodes
Have you listened to the latest episode of PALMcast? The fourth episode is available on the Project website. A panel of guest speakers from the Department of Transportation discussed balancing their daily duties while also serving as a member of their agency’s Change Champion Network. For the next episode, we will hear more about Florida PALM reporting. The episode is targeted be released in October. If you have topics of interest you’d like to request or share, contact Continue to tune in to learn more as we journey closer towards our first go-live. 
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