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Drunk Dr iving: Is Drunk Driving a Mistake or a Choice?
Wisconsin Senator Van Wanggaard said, “Anyone can make a mistake , but doing it four times is inexcusable. It’s time to get repeat drunk drivers off the road.”

While we applaud the Senator’s efforts to toughen penalties , we strongly disagree with his reason.  Drunk driving   is a choice. Do we really want to wait until the 4th conviction before they lose their license? And is ten years long enough to be a deterrent?

CALL Senator Wanggaard at (866) 615-7510 and share your opinion!
Distracted Driving: Florida

Will Florida finally make distracted driving a primary offense? Not without your help!

CONTACT your legislator and URGE them to support HB 33 that would make texting while driving a primary offense. It's the only thing that would allow law enforcement officers to pull over people for texting while driving.
Distracted Driving: Georgia Representative Thinks it is OK to Hold a Phone While Driving. Really??
Georgia legislators are working to pass tough new legislation cracking down on  distracted driving , but  State Rep. Ed Setzler  doesn't understand why it's needed. He said , "If you're simply holding it, why make it against the law?"

According to the National Safety Council, cell phones cause 1.6 million crashes every year. CALL Setzler at (404) 656-7857 and let him know your feelings about distracted driving.
Distracted Driving: Minnesota

New bill, SF2853 would increase penalties for distracted drivers who cause a death or injury by fining them up to $20,000 or 10 years in jail.

We think they should do both but CALL your representative and tell them to support SF 2853! 
Distracted Driving: Virginia

Contact your Rep & urge them to support HB181 . Though not perfect, this will send a message to drivers that distracted driving will not be tolerated.
Distracted Driving: Federal Legislation
We Save Lives strongly supports Rep. Kathleen Rice's H.R.4542 – that will make grants available for education to prevent distracted driving.

CALL or WRITE to your representative. Tell them to SUPPORT H.R. 4542 to save lives! 
Drugged Driving: Vermont
We applaud Rep. David Potter’s bipartisan legislation to crack down on drugged driving.
H. 237 empowers law enforcement to perform saliva tests. They simply take a swab of a suspected drugged drivers’ saliva to determine if they have drugs in their system. H. 237 PASSED in the House and is now off to the Senate. CALL or WRITE to your Senator and urge them to support H. 237!

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If We Save Lives Ruled the World
We have compiled our top ten wishes for 2018. We believe, of course, they are ALL important.

We are 100% committed to working with our partners and others to make them a reality through our programs and outreach.                              
Margay Schee, killed by a distracted driver
If you have any wishes you want to add please email us at We will add them to our blog.

1.      There would be no more victims of road crashes.
2.      Drugged Driving would become a priority in this country.
3.      States legalizing marijuana would first adopt a marijuana and driving policy that would include prevention, education, oral fluid and or other drug testing, increased funding for law enforcement training and labs.
4.      Distracted Driving would become socially unacceptable.
5.      Everyone would add #BUTNOTWHILEDRIVING to their mobile devices. More . .

Feel free to share these with people you know are not good drivers
We Save Lives Had a Face Lift!! 
Please visit our website and see the changes that include a new Home Page , a social media page that highlights some of our very impactful graphics from our very talented graphic designers.

And be sure to check out our most important page, " Our Stories " which are the reason we are here.

You can even get a peek into our soon to be launched campaign " Driving High Means DUI" . 
Message From the President
I, along with the rest of the country, wept when I heard the news of another mass shooting of innocent schoolchildren in this country. Every time this happens I hear my name and that of the first organization I founded bandied about by the media. People reach out to me from all over wanting my advice, or leadership or to actually leave what I do now and manage a movement directed at changing the gun culture. Right now highway safety is my focus but I wish to share an article I wrote for CNN after the Sandy Hook tragedies.

On another note, I continue to be busy along with our other speakers presenting at conferences , meeting with various officials and putting anti drugged driving coalitions together. If you need a speaker for an event, please contact us at If your organization would like to join our coalition, let us know.

We Save Lives relies on your contributions to keep us going. The funding, your support and your participation in our campaigns makes all the difference in the world. Please give . Thank you.
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