Contact EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler and tell him the agency is not doing its job to protect the health of Americans or our environment.

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You call this protection??

The EPA continues to act as the Environmental Pollution Agency, announcing it will not enforce environmental laws during the coronavirus pandemic, nor strengthen air quality standards--despite research showing the link between air pollution and higher mortality rates.

As we endure a public health crisis, the EPA continues to exacerbate conditions by loosening auto emissions standards and allowing increased toxic emissions from coal-fired power plants.

The intent to maintain current ambient air quality standards is in opposition to the agency’s own scientists. Research shows inhaling a high level of particulates damages the lungs and heart--increasing deaths from respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19.

The EPA must restore previous auto emission limits, increase restrictions on the release of harmful particulates, and start paying attention to science when it comes to public health.

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Letter sent by several senators



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JUNE 9th

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An E-normous Mistake!

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), has proposed a new rulemaking process that could allow all classes of e-bikes on non-motorized trails on BLM lands across the country.

Though the proposed rule would not immediately allow motorized e-bike use on non-motorized trails, it redefines e-bikes and provides new exceptions to allow BLM land managers to expand e-bike use under very broad criteria (and we don’t mean Broads’ criteria).

The National Park Service and two other agencies have similar proposals to authorize the expanded use of e-bikes.

Derailling the Wild

  • Motorized e-bikes are currently allowed on thousands of miles of roads and trails--the majority on BLM-administered public lands. Why needlessly expand access?
  • Motorized bikes travel further and faster into the backcountry, disrupting wildlife, impacting habitat, and ruining the small portion of public lands that are free from motors.
  • BLM proposes to enact these changes with no environmental analysis under NEPA--continuing the administration’s desire to side-step environmental review mandates. 
  • The Department of the Interior should not be initiating new public rulemaking processes now, at a time when a majority of Americans are sheltered in their homes worrying about their families’ health and livelihoods.

Letter opposing comments under COVID
Letter to NPS in opposition


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