Action Alert:  Palmetto Cycling Coalition
February 19, 2019

Contact your Legislator, and tell them:
Please support Safer Streets and H.3355 !



The Distracted Driving, aka the DUI-E or Hands Free bill (H.3355)  is on the agenda to go to debate on the House floor tomorrow (Wednesday, February 20). It may likely be postponed or continued through next week, since it is the last item on a relatively long agenda.  However, it  is critical to the passage of H3355 for legislators to hear from us, now.

We urge you to let your Legislator know TODAY to support the bill.  

  1. Find your Representative HERE.   
  2. We suggest you email them the following:
    • tell them you are a constituent, 
    • you support H3355, and 
    • you want them to vote in favor of H.3355 "for safer streets in South Carolina".
  3. Or simply Copy/Paste this into the body of the email:
    • My name is [x], and I live in your District.  I support H.3355, because I support safer streets for South Carolina.  We need a Hands Free bill to improve traffic safety across our state."
Sixteen states have already enacted such legislation with Georgia being the most recent. South Carolina can join these states in the effort to reduce the number of crashes, fatalities and injuries resulting from distracted driving

What does H.3355 do? It expands on South Carolina's anti-texting law to forbid the use of hand held electronic devices while driving.   Bill text here. We strongly feel H3355 is an important step in reducing our risk on our streets and roads.

Representatives from the following organizations testified in favor of the legislation: SC Department of Insurance, SC Department of Public Safety, AAA of the Carolinas,  Palmetto Cycling Coalition, SC Trucking Association, Abate of South Carolina,  



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