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Say NO to Zinke's plan to reshape the way species are protected under the ESA. These cuts to protections are one of the most serious threats to the Endangered Species Act in decades.

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Other devastating bills

NINE Anti-ESA Bills


The Sen. Barasso Bill
(yet to be introduced)

Article from Missoula Current

Press Release on bill from Senator Barrasso’s office (lists supporting organizations)

Senator Barrasso’s campaign contributions


Please act today!



The Onslaught Against the Endangered Species Act

There has been a steady barrage of proposed bills and regulatory changes driven by the extractive industry that aim to dismantle the Endangered Species Act (ESA)--so many, it makes our heads spin!

Keeping wild lands wild is the only hope for endangered, threatened, or sensitive species of plants and animals. We must protect critical habitat to ensure species survival and we must keep the ESA intact as an essential tool for success.

A few facts:

  • 73% of Republicans and 82% of self-identified conservatives support the Act. 93% of Democrats and 96% of self-identified liberals support the Act (source article).

  • Of the more than 1,400 plants and animals placed under the care of the Act over the past four decades, 99% have been saved from extinction.

  • Under the Act, millions of acres of critical habitat have been designated--which is crucial to species' survival and recovery. Species with protected critical habitat are twice as likely to recover as those without.

  • A recent study of more than 100 protected species across all 50 states found that 90 percent are meeting or exceeding federal recovery guidelines and moving toward eventual removal of protected status.

How to take action now:

Please contact your Senators and House Representatives and ask the following:

  • Will you commit to voting against any riders and amendments that undermine the ESA? (For example, riders on must-pass funding bills)

  • Will you oppose standalone legislation that undermines the Endangered Species Act?

  • Will you reach out to other members of Congress to urge them to oppose attacks on the Endangered Species Act?

TIPS for writing Letters to the Editor and Elected Officials



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