Keep Up The m OMm entum! 
Message From The Chairman
Jonathan Edelson , Chairman 
Oakland Mills Board of Directors  
July 15, 2019 
Dear Residents and Friends of Oakland Mills,
Last week's community meeting on the boundary adjustment (aka, "redistricting") process was the greatest advocacy turnout in support of OM schools I have seen during my time here. We need to keep the momentum going! Here's how:
First , HCPSS has two surveys out. One asks for feedback on the options proposed in the Feasibility Study. The other asks for alternative input. 
Please take both surveys.
On the first survey ( linked here), please indicate that consideration of demographics is a top policy 6010 priority for you. In the open-ended questions at the end, please tell the school system to stop segregation now.
On the second survey (linked here), please consider pasting a link to OM resident Rick Kohn's analysis and optimization of school boundaries. He proves, using objective math, that our schools can be integrated and are, in fact, segregated for reasons beyond who lives in their surrounding areas. Alternatives that relieve overcrowding, balance demographics, and do not increase travel time are displayed in tables 7 and 8.
Dr. Kohn's analysis can be found here. Click the link and copy it from the address bar in your browser to paste into the survey.
Second, save the date September 17, 2019 at 7 pm
 in your calendar now. This is when the Board of Education will hold its boundary adjustment hearing for our region. We need a lot of orange shirts in the room, and we also need you to speak up if you are comfortable doing so. You will also be able to submit written testimony for this hearing, but we need you to be there in orange regardless of whether you choose to speak.
Third , please don't assume that your friends and neighbors are receiving these emails. While we have a large subscription list, it is still just a fraction of the 10,000 residents of OM. Consider forwarding copies or even printing copies and handing them to your neighbors. It's unfortunate this process has often been driven by the loudest voices with the highest numbers, but if OM needs to be loud, we can be loud. Just do so with dignity and respect - we want OM to set the example.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have ideas to share about how to ensure this process is fair and equitable, the OM board and I welcome them.
Thank you very much for your continued attention to this very important matter,
Jonathan Edelson