Call your Legislator
before Tuesday, to advance H.3656
the Complete Streets bill !
Before Tuesday, please contact any or all members of the Transportation Subcommittee of the House Committee on Education & Public Works.  

We suggest you tell them this:
  1.  Move H.3656, the complete streets bill, to full committee.
  2.  Safe mobility is important.
  3.  Safe mobility, for all, is SCDOT's existing mandate.  
  4.  A personal story walking or bicycling, and why this bill is important to you.
For the sake of safe streets, our health, equity, and economic sustainability, let's take this next step towards getting SCDOT to pass a real complete streets policy.  

It's extremely important we move this bill quickly, due to the legislative schedule.    Call or message all of the Transportation Subcommittee members and ask them to support H.3656: 
The text of the bill is simple, but its impacts are so important.  HERE is the full bill.  
Steering Committee of the SCLCA 
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