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Yesterday, ArtsKC hosted a call with Kyna Iman, Lobbyist with Missouri Citizens for the Arts, to discuss the concerns for the arts community with the MO supplemental budget under consideration currently. If you were not able to attend the call yesterday, here is the  video recording of the call

In this email, I have included the necessary details to help you make informed asks of our state and federal leaders. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 

MO Budget Issue
Yesterday, Kyna Iman discussed the issue of arts funding in the MO budget and the ability of MAC to be able to grant funds from the NEA's CARES Act funding. Kyna's guidance to the outreach for this issue was to target the  House and Senate floor managers , the  Senate appropriations committee members of our area  and  House members in our area A reminder - most of the inner-Kansas City House members are already agreeable to our position.  We must target our outreach to those Representatives who we do not routinely engage with, who are highlighted in yellow.

Language for our Ask:
Dear Rep. or Sen. [NAME], on behalf of the arts community in the state of Missouri, please allow an increase in the spending authority of the Missouri Arts Council to be able to draw down funds from the NEA because of the CARES Act. This funding is critical to the survival of arts and culture institutions which have provided our state over $20 million in government revenue, and hundreds of millions of dollars in greater economic impact. 
If posting on social media, please include #HelpMOArts.

House and Senate Floor Managers:


Senate Appropriations Committee Members:
U.S. Recovery Funding 
The Phase 3 "CARES" Act legislation required that only municipal entities who had received NEA funding in the last three years could apply for subgranting or "regranting" funding from the NEA. This left many communities throughout our country without the option to apply for grants from their local grantmaking partners who are not municipal entities.

Tuesday, the Senate passed by voice vote  bipartisan legislation  specifically to fund more SBA loans, $60 billion for small-business disaster loans and grants, $75 billion in emergency funding for hospitals and roughly $25 billion for testing. The House is voting on the legislation today.

It is critical that, 1. arts funding be included in any phase 5 legislation, and 2. the NEA relax their criteria for eligible regranting organizations to receive funding. We need your voices heard  now  to help secure this critical funding for regranting entities all across the country. Please visit our  Contact Congress   page to find the contact information for our Congressional delegation. Please reach out in any and all methods in which you are comfortable. On social media, please include #USArtsRecovery.

Language for Ask:
Dear Rep. or Sen. [NAME], the arts have been devastated by the outbreak of COVID-19, with an economic hit of over $4.6 Billion to our communities. Thank you for the NEA funding included in the CARES Act, but please know this was not near enough to keep our sector afloat during this tumultuous time. I am asking that you please include at least $50 million in a Phase 5 bill, and encourage the NEA to ease restrictions on those organizations who can apply for funding, specifically, organizations who are applying for regranting funds. This will allow a larger group of organizations with grantmaking infrastructure in place to be able to get critical funding in the hands of artists and organizations most affected by this outbreak. 
(based on March numbers)

Thank you for your help in getting these messages in the inboxes of those who can offer us the greatest support during this crucial time. Together, we'll do our best to keep the arts community of our region solvent through this crisis and beyond. 


Branden D. S. Haralson
Communications Manager, Engagement & Public Policy
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