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The NC House Caucus met this AM and they seem do not have the votes to pass the Medicaid Expansion. However, we need to reinforce their decision. 

This is what Keeping Them Accountable looks like. 

If the state goes down the path of Medicaid expansion, there is no going back in the future, even when the Feds make it too costly for NC taxpayers in the future.  

Call every NC House Member. Tell them NO to Medicaid Expansion bill.  

Then call every Senator and tell them to stop playing the socialism game with our health care.  

Be sure to thank Senator Norm Sanderson (R-Pamlico County) for his No vote.  

NC House Poised To Pass Medicaid Expansion with GOP Leaders' Blessing. 

You need to call your representatives and tell them NO Way! 

The NC Senate passed a Medicaid Expansion bill by 44-1 with Senator Norm Sanderson, a Pamlico Republican a No vote. This monstrosity is now going to the NC House.

Republican President Pro Tempore of the Senate seems to think this is a good idea. Humm. What a great policital win for Cooper. Nothing like giving away the candy store to the Left agenda - socialism for all!  

"a dramatic turn for Medicaid expansion in the Senate, where Republican chamber leader Phil Berger and lieutenants had been among its most ardent opponents. But Berger changed his mind recently, saying that accepting federal money to cover more low-income adults through the 2010 Affordable Care Act now made fiscal sense for the state." Read more here. 

"State. Rep. Donny Lambeth (R-Winston-Salem) is the original sponsor of the bill and he cited the “good work” of the Senate and his excitement about the passage of the expansion bill.

“I have worked on some variation of an expansion bill for 8 years, so I am pleased that they have finally understood the benefits to NC and our citizens,” he said

Read more here. 

Critical Election Integrity Dates Approaching. 

Mark you calendars so you don't miss out! 


June 10-11 Summit in Raleigh (Raleigh Mariott)

June 20-25 Statewide Election Integrity “Whistle Stop” Tour.  Second stop is Buncombe County on June 20th.  

Oct 20- Early Voting Begins for General Election;

Nov 8- General Election

See schedule of NCEIT Whistle Stop Tours here.

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