Dear Georgia Dairy Farm Families,

Yesterday the cooperative members of the Dairy Cooperative Marketing Association, Inc. and other dairy groups requested that USDA set a minimum Class I Price Mover for all Federal Milk Orders at $15.00 per CWT in an effort to help maintain milk prices necessary to save dairy farms.

Today, Georgia Milk Producers needs your help in amplifying DCMA's request by submitting individual letters of support to USDA as well.

DCMA requests that USDA makes this change expeditiously and considers the action as an emergency provision critical to maintain orderly marketing. It will also ensure that an adequate supply of fresh milk remains available for America’s consumers.

Producers willing to send in letters of support should address them to Ms. Dana Coale, Deputy Administrator at the USDA. Those letters can be emailed to  or delivered via fax at (202)-690-3410.

A template letter is available for download here . Please feel free to customize with your letterhead and submit to USDA via email or fax. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact me as soon as possible.

Farrah Newberry
Executive Director
GA Milk Producers, Inc.
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