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The Voice of Adult Education in Massachusetts

Alert #12 - April 14, 2021
$50 million for ABE Line Item #7035-0002
in House Ways and Means Budget Released Today!

  • The House Ways and Means Committee FY2022 budget proposal released this afternoon includes $50 million for ABE line item #7035-0002 -- the exact amount requested by MCAE.

  • To see the full line item language, click here.
Next Steps in the Budget Process: House Debate

  • Members of the House of Representatives will review the proposed House budget.

  • Many members will file budget amendments to add money to line items or change line item language. Some may propose earmarks so specific amounts are designated for specific purposes or agencies. Typically, there are nearly 1,000 amendments filed.

  • Because House Ways and Means proposed $50 million for adult education, MCAE's budget request, MCAE will not be asking any House members to file an amendment on behalf of ABE.

  • MCAE supports the amount of funding as proposed by the House Ways and Means Committee for the ABE line item. MCAE does not support earmarks.

  • On April 26, the full House of Representatives will begin its budget debate. Many amendments will be withdrawn. Others will be rejected individually or as part of a bundle. Others will be approved individually or as part of a bundled group.

  • The House will vote to approve their budget (as amended).
Take Action To Keep the Momentum Going!

  • Today's budget release was great news, but this is only the beginning of the budget process.

  • This increase happened because you told your representatives how important adult education is to you, your students, your program and your community. It is essential that they continue to hear from you until the FY22 budget process is finalized and the budget is signed by the Governor.


  • Please call or email your Representative to thank them for the House Ways and Means Committee's proposed $50 million for adult education, and ask for their continued strong support of the increase all the way through the entire budget process.


  • Please call or email your Senator and ask them to urge the Senate Ways and Means Committee to also propose $50 million for the ABE line item. Be sure to tell them why an increased investment in adult education benefits everyone, and how your students -- their constituents -- benefit from the adult education services you provide.

State Appropriations Have Declined Nearly 25% from FY2001 - FY2019 After Adjusting for Inflation
Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who made a phone call, sent an email or attended a Zoom meeting to let your legislators know how important adult education is to the prosperity of individuals and to the Commonwealth.

None of the adult education budget increases would be possible without your active support! You make the difference!

State budget resources (state budget request materials, hat to know about the state budget process)

MCAE legislative agenda (legislation including immigrant rights, progressive revenue to fund education and COVID protections for vulnerable populations)
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