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There are several important events taking place over the next few days and actions you can take to impact American Energy Policy. Please review the following and attend or act where you can. 


Today, in Frankfort , Kentucky 

Please attend the pre-hearing rally 5-7 PM 

405 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY 

as addressed in Marita's most recent column


Today, Contact Karl Rove, Governor Sam Brownback and Governor Mike Beebe. All three are at the WindPower 2012 and are pushing for the wind energy subsidy, known as the PTC, to be extended. To understand why the PTC should NOT be extended, please read Marita's column on the subject. See below for a direct links Twitter accounts and suggested tweets. 


June 8 & 9, in Tombstone, Arizona

Please support Tombstone as they fight the Forest Service for their water. For more information, read Marita's column addressing the issue.



June 8-10, in Las Vegas, Nevada 

Marita will be speaking at the

Conservative Leadership Conference. 


Register using the code "Marita" for a FREE conference registration or $50 off the VIP Gold Pass.









 Sample Tweets:

@karlrove Rove supports the industrial wind scam, pushing for the extension of the Production Tax Credit at AWEA's conference this week


@karlrove  Rove supports crony-capitalism and corruption involved in the Big Wind issue that the American people are sick & tired of


@karlrove Get yourself educated about energy, and STOP waste of our resources on this antiquated, Enronesque affair of industrial wind


@govsambrownback  your support of wind energy is scam, wasting our hard-earned tax dollars, gives all Republicans a bad name


@govsambrownback grassroots folks are speaking out against ALL politicians who are pushing wind energy - especially R's (like yourself)!  


@govsambrownback So why would we want to emulate what has been a complete failure in Europe over here??? #wind


@GovBeebeMedia When did STEALING $ out of the pockets of US taxpayers 2 transfer 2 RICH multi-national corporations become "American"?!?!? 


 @GovBeebeMedia Americans are sick & tired of the wasteful spending that continues to go on in regard to the 'renewable' energy scam #wind


@GovBeebeMedia The only reason any person would continue to support wind scam is if they were receiving payouts from the industry. Are you?   





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