A Barrage of Bull****

Through our sources, we’ve heard the administration plans to use Executive Orders to break down bedrock environmental protection laws such as the Endangered Species Act, NEPA, Clean Water Act, and more.

This makes it more important than ever that we call and write our elected officials to voice our opposition to these actions. Your comments lend weight to legal efforts to combat these attacks.


Breaking Down the BLM

The new lackey in charge at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), William Pendley, a proponent of selling off BLM lands, has put forth a plan to relocate personnel from the agency’s headquarters to several western states.

Former BLM Chiefs say this is part of a larger plan to transfer the management of public lands to states by chipping away at the agency and pushing out senior staff and scientists through forced relocation. It’s one more step toward fulfilling the Trump administration’s “Drill, Baby, Drill” strategy for our public lands and waters.

The oil and gas industry is jumping for joy.

The president of the Western Energy Alliance (an oil and gas trade association) declared this move would make it more difficult to block oil and gas projects because of pressure from community members that depend on oil and gas for jobs.

Land use decisions should not be overly influenced by local politics. Maintaining a staff in Washington helps ensure the national interest will be considered.

Contact your Congressional representatives and tell them to oppose this boondoggle and deny funding for the move in the next appropriations process.

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Contact info for DOI:

Email: feedback@ios.doi.gov

Mailing Address:
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Phone (with employee directory): (202) 208-3100


Another ESA Assault

The Trump administration just announced new rules that tear at the fabric of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which has been more than 99 percent successful at preventing extinction of at-risk species.

This latest attack:

  • Reduces protections for threatened species, which currently receive the same protections as endangered species.
  • Allows the use of “lost revenue” estimates (from logging, grazing fees, etc.) as a factor in deciding whether a species merits protection.
  • Lessens the consideration for the effects of climate change on wild life

These changes are likely to open the door to extractive activities in areas where protected species live.

Take Action!
Contact Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and tell him you oppose the amendments to the ESA BEFORE the new rules are expected to launch in September.

  • The ESA does not need “modernization” nor does it lack in transparency—and therefore does not need to “fixed.” The act is clear, efficient, and effective.
  • These changes are reckless and are not backed by the best available science. Including resource value perceptions in the determination of an animal’s welfare is irresponsible and against the law.
  • Taking climate change into consideration is crucial; we cannot afford to limit scientists’ assessments on how to best protect wildlife without including all environmental factors.

Urge Democratic leadership to consider invoking the Congressional Review Act, a 1996 law that gives Congress broad authority to invalidate rules established by federal agencies, to block the changes.

Please post this information to social media and share this email with friends. Help expand awareness on this critical issue.

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NEPA Comment Period Extended to August 26rd

Last month, we alerted you to the US Forest Service seeking to "streamline" activities by expanding categorical exclusions (CEs), giving the agency greater leeway to sidestep the NEPA process and severely limit the public’s right to provide feedback on proposed projects.

That comment period has been extended to August 26, so if you have not made your comments, please do so right away.

NEPA works. We must oppose any attempts to bypass or weaken this legislation.




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