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Current Border Situation a Disaster:
a 'Texas Solution' is needed
Anyone watching the news recently has some inkling of the problem we have with an ever-increasing flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border.  Many of them are underage and they are NOT coming for work. They are coming for the promise the current administration has given that younger illegals will be given legal status and the government benefits associated with that promise.  This latest flood cannot by any stretch of the imagination be called 'undocumented workers'.  The Left is falsely claiming they are 'fleeing violence' (which the illegals have been instructed to claim). This "violence" is the same violence that has been going on in Central America for GENERATIONS and is NOT a sudden problem.

There is also the REAL threat of a serious epidemiological problem in this 'surge'.  Most of these populations do not have the proper BASIC vaccinations and/or come from regions where diseases essentially eradicated in the U.S. still exist and some of them are sick. They are being initially held in overcrowded centers and then being released willy-nilly across the country without proper medical screening (for example, six airplane loads to Boston). Any basic understanding of disease transmission tells one that this risks setting off epidemics across the country (And southern California has seen a huge surge in whooping cough in the last few months.) 
The federal government refuses to address this (indeed, is ENCOURAGING this) so we need to find as much of a Texas solution as possible.   

There are two approaches: one involves an emergency directive viewable here to Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw "to plan and execute a 90-day surge operation of increased law enforcement in the border counties, beginning on or after September 1, 2014."  The problems with this is: 1) Joe Straus so far has refused to sign this and 2) by Sept. 1st, we very likely could have 50- 100,000 new 'residents' from this rapidly growing surge.  

The second approach is a drive to call a special session of the Texas legislature to substantially increase Texas state resources on the border (Yes, we are talking about spending tax money: tens of millions to try to drastically reduce the BILLIONS in state aid that will be required for the current inflow.) To do this, we need to call on the Governor to call a special session (A petition to sign is here; the Governor's phone number is 512-463-1783) and need to contact our local state Representatives and state senators to back this (locate your representatives here).