Stop Funding for Disastrous Border Wall "Remediation" Plan

The border wall construction has been an ecological catastrophe, damaging habitats, disrupting migration patterns, and destroying vital groundwater supplies and Indigenous cultural sites.

And now a Department of Homeland Security proposal to "remediate" a large section of the border wall threatens to make a bad situation for wildlife even worse!

Under this proposal, the DHS would install extremely bright "stadium" lights, cameras, and detection equipment along 455 miles of southern border, causing massive light pollution and posing a major threat to migrating birds and other wildlife. In Arizona plans would impact wildlife refuges, and other protected lands including Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

The funds for these "fixes" would be far better spent on repairing the environmental damage this wall has already caused. Local communities and wildlife have already suffered from careless border wall construction, and it’s up to Congress to fix this mistake!