Action Alert:
Call/Email Appropriations Committee Members Today

Raise your voice for housing resources!

We are reaching out to you today, because we have learned that the Appropriations Committee is considering making drastic cuts to balance the FY 19 budget. No agency programs are safe. The Committee will be working to pass this budget by their April 5th deadline.

We are asking you to ACT NOW and CALL your State Senators and Representatives who are on the Appropriations Committee and ask them to preserve and maintain resources to end homelessness in Connecticut.

Call/Email Appropriation Committee Members today!

Below are the important points to make when calling or emailing members of the Appropriations Committee. They show just how severe these cuts could be for those experiencing homelessness!
  • Please maintain current resources to end homelessness in CT. Our efforts are working!
  • Our efforts are cost effective, save lives, and save funds in other parts of the budget.
    • Please preserve the funding in the Housing/Homelessness line item in the Department of Housing - $78.6 Million
    • Please preserve the funding in the Housing Supports and Services line item in the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services - $23.3 Million
    • Please preserve the Department of Housing Youth line item - $2.3 Million
  • Our success depends on the funding and services that are currently in place. If those current services are cut, we will lose ground, and our homeless population will grow.
  • Cutting these resources will have major repercussions across communities - including on our emergency services, hospitals, and first responders - especially at a time when Connecticut cannot afford extra costs.
  • Thanks to your support we have made tremendous strides in building a system that is ending homelessness in Connecticut! Please continue to fight for people experiencing homelessness.
You can read Reaching Home's full Legislative Recommendations here .

Please Click Here for a contact list of Senators and Representatives on the Appropriations Committee. For your convenience, we have sorted the list by Coordinated Access Network.

Contact Sarah Fox ( ) and Sean Ghio ( ) to relay updates from your conversations with legislators and legislative aides.

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy towards ending homelessness in Connecticut!