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Another Attack on NEPA

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The White House Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ) has put forth a proposal to “update” NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). This administration's blatant attack squelches public input and pushes projects through without considering environmental factors.

If It’s Not Broke
Factions behind the proposed changes complain the NEPA process takes too long to complete, yet a majority of projects undergo streamlined reviews.

Proposed changes would limit the comment period and the number of pages in an analysis. Environmental interactions are complex and complicated--rushing the process and cutting corners is not in keeping with NEPA and CEQ’s mandates to meaningfully engage the public on critical federal proposals.

This shows a complete disregard for science and gives industry a green light at the expense of the environment and human health.

Make your comments today!


Senator Udall
(505) 346-6791
531 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510

Senator Heinrich
(202) 224-5521
303 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510


Act to Protect Chaco Canyon Introduced

A big broad thank you to New Mexico Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich who have introduced the Chaco Cultural Heritage Area Protections Act (S2907) to remove 316,076 acres of land from future oil, gas, coal, or mineral development.

If enacted, this bill would protect cultural resources and public land adjacent to the Chaco Culture National Historical Park from the harmful effects of mineral and fossil fuel withdrawal.

Please Call/Write Senators Heinrich and Udall and thank them for their good work.

AND, contact your senators and ask them to support this legislation!


TIPS for writing
Letters to the Editor and Elected Officials


Bad Bills Give Oil & Gas Industry Free Rein on Public Lands

Four bills (with deceiving names) seek to take away our right to participate in decisions regarding oil and gas extraction on public lands.

These bills are at a vital stage--now is the time to speak up to shape senators’ opinions.

HR 6087 - Removing Barriers to Energy Independence Act
Discourages public feedback by imposing heavy fees on protests and document filings that oppose lease sales and other Department of the Interior (DOI) actions.

HR 6106 - Common Sense Permitting Act
By haphazardly expanding the use of categorical exclusions for permits in the DOI’s oil and gas leasing program, this bill supports bypassing established regulations.

HR 6088 - SPEED Act
Obstructs DOI review of applications to drill oil and gas wells on public lands, stopping a closer assessment of sites that could be damaged by extractive activities.

HR 6107
Ending Duplicative Permitting Act

Eliminates the BLM's requirement to issue a permit on oil and gas activities conducted on surface estate land less than 50% federally owned. These lands still belong in part to Americans and should be managed for the public interest!

NOW is the time to act. Make your voice heard and contact your Senators today.

More information:
NRDC overview of bills


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