Action Alert: End the 7% Cut
Take Action Before the Legislative Session Begins
Gear up for the 2019 Legislative Session and ask your legislator to make ending the 7% cut a priority that is addressed as soon as session begins. It is critical to talk to our legislators NOW about what we want when session begins January 8th.

Please contact your Representative and:

  1. Ask for an end to the 7% cut shortly after session begins.
  2. Ask them to sign on to the Best Life Alliance legislation as a co-author to end the 7% cut.

To find your Representative:

  1. Go to the "Who Represents Me" page and find your MN House District Number (this number will be followed by an "a" or a "b").
  2. Use this Excel Spreadsheet to find out who your newly elected MN House Representative is and the best e-mail address to contact her/him. There were 39 newly elected House members, so please make sure to check this spreadsheet.
  3. In the subject line make sure to include your zip code and the message "End the 7% Cut to Disability Waiver Rates."
  4. Use the script in the light blue box below -- customize and make changes as you see fit.
  5. Attach the Best Life Alliance one-page document to your e-mail.

Thank you for everything you do to support individuals with disabilities!
Sample Message

Congratulations on your recent election to the Minnesota State House! I am reaching out today as an individual who cares deeply about community-based disability services to ask you to champion a critical issue this session.

A 7% cut to the rates individuals with disabilities use to access community services started rolling out this past July . With community-based disability services already facing a crisis-level workforce shortage, these rate reductions are further destabilizing an already incredibly fragile system.

Addressing this issue of rate cuts to community-based disability services has had broad-based bipartisan support in recent legislative sessions. We are now at the point where a solution simply cannot wait.

We are calling on the legislature to address this issue very shortly after session begins. Additionally, I am asking you to consider being a co-author on our legislation to help address the community-based disability services workforce shortage by stopping the 7% cut. I have attached a one-page document with more information on this legislation (referred to as the Best Life Alliance legislation).

Congratulations again on your election, and I look forward to hearing back from you with any questions you have and whether you are interested in signing onto the bill.