Sign the Petition to Put
Ranked Choice Voting on November Ballot
For Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to be on the ballot November 3, Voter Choice for Massachusetts , the RCV campaign, must submit a second round of 13,374 valid signatures by June 17. The Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that, given the difficulty of collecting signatures in person during this pandemic, voters can sign the petition electronically.
The campaign kicked off the signature drive May 6 and needs thousands of registered voters to sign the RCV petition electronically from home. 
If you did not sign the RCV petition in the fall or aren't sure whether you did, please take a minute to sign the RCV petition right now by clicking here When you get to the actual petition, you sign your name using either your touch screen, the trackpad on a laptop, or your mouse. After you create your signature, click "Adopt and Sign" and it will be added to the petition document.
Then share this link with your friends and family-- on Facebook or via email. Encourage them to sign the petition too and to pass the link along to their friends. 
Local Leagues can post the link on their website and social media pages and ask everyone to help put Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot. 

If you want to do more and would like to get involved to help safely gather signatures from your friends and neighbors, the campaign has the tools and training to support you. Please
sign up here , or contact Brian Bass, organizing director for the RCV campaign, at .
Volunteers from Voter Choice for Massachusetts made history last fall when they submitted 111,000 certified signatures to the Secretary of the Commonwealth; the most ever by a Massachusetts ballot initiative campaign. Now we need to get 13,374 more from people who didn't sign the first time.
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