November 6, 2019
Act now to protect Georgians!
Governor Kemp has announced two healthcare plans that could harm Georgia families and consumers, putting their health and finances at risk.

One plan will change Georgia's Medicaid program and the other will change how private insurance works in the state. The proposed plans fall short of Governor Kemp's promise to "reduce costs, enhance access, and improve quality of care."   Thousands of Georgians will remain uninsured with no way to access needed healthcare, while others will find that they unknowingly enrolled in a plan that doesn't cover necessary health services.  Now is the time for you to stand up and tell state leaders what you think!

What can you do?

State leaders are required to take comments from the public about their plans. This is your chance to tell Governor Kemp how these plans will affect you, your loved ones, and Georgians across the state.

Visit today and submit your comments online!

Attend an in-person public comment meeting!
  • Savannah, Georgia|Thursday, November 7, 2019|RSVP
  • Macon, Georgia|Wednesday, November 13, 2019|RSVP
  • Bainbridge, Georgia|Thursday, November 14, 2019|RSVP
  • Gainesville, Georgia|Monday, November 18, 2019|RSVP
  • Rome, Georgia|Thursday, November 21, 2019|RSVP
  • Kennesaw, Georgia|Friday, November 22, 2019|RSVP
Even if you don't plan to speak at the meeting, please show up! It is important for state leaders to see how many people care about the way the plans will impact their healthcare and insurance.

The public comment period will close on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  Submitting a public comment  is the most important action Georgians can take. Speak up today!
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