Action Alert

Now is the time for action!

Don't let t he California Legislature put off funding affordable housing for another year.  State leaders have repeatedly said they are committed to alleviating the crushing financial strain housing is putting on families, seniors, veterans, college students and individuals, pushing many to the brink of homelessness. Let's hold them to that commitment!     

Starting today, we ask that you call and tweet your assemblymember to tell them to support SB 2 and AB 71 before the summer recess. Call & tweet everyday. Share this with your coworkers, family, and friends and urge them to call. Your actions will make a difference in supporting Housing across California.

4 Easy Steps for Action:

2. Call your legislator's office and read the script below; Feel free to personalize the script to better fit your region.

3. Go to and search for your legislators' twitter handle by searching for their name in the search box. 

4. Use example tweets and images from this document to tweet @yourlegislator; or create you own tweets.  


"Hi, I'm ______ from _____ calling to urge Asm. ______ to take immediate action BEFORE the summer recess to fix our affordable housing and homelessness crises by voting YES on Assembly Bill 71 and Senate Bill 2 that provides permanent funding for affordable housing.
It is shameful how long the housing and homeless crises have been allowed to go on without the Legislature intervening with meaningful action.
The Legislature passed a budget that has zero funding for affordable housing. You can't fight poverty and homelessness without housing.
Californians being pushed to the brink of homelessness don't have the luxury to push off rental payments by weeks or take a summer recess. Neither can the Legislature wait to take action to secure reliable permanent funding for affordable housing production, nor can they take up any other issues before addressing housing.
As an affordable housing leader and community member, I need Asm. ____ to take bold action BEFORE the summer recess to secure permanent funding for affordable housing in our community of _____ as Senate Bill 2 (Atkins) and Assembly Bill 71 (Chiu) do."


If you have any questions about the proposed actions, feel free to contact California Housing Consortium's Policy & Communications Associate, Andy Russell at or 916-272-2325.