Action Alert: House to Vote on Enhanced Physical Education in Illinois Schools
SB 2572, which will strengthen physical education (P.E.) in Illinois, will be voted by the Illinois House as early as Tuesday, May 22. The measure, which passed out of committee last week, requires that schools provide a minimum of 150 minutes per week of P.E to students in grades K-12.

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More on this bill: Last year's school funding reform law reduced Illinois' P.E. requirement from five days per week to a minimum of three days per week. A minutes-per-week P.E. policy would provide flexibility to local districts to plan and schedule P.E. while ensuring students get the recommended amount of P.E. each

Research shows that regular physical activity is associated with improved academic, behavioral and health outcomes among students. P.E. is a key opportunity for physical activity as well as skill-building and fitness/health education that will benefit students throughout their lives

CLOCC advocates for and supports implementation of comprehensive school wellness policies that include opportunities for physical activity and adequate minutes of quality physical education. Learn more here.

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