May 15, 2015

John Huntley, Chair     Brad Owens, President

Action Alert:


Ask  US Army Corps of Engineers, Senators Murray and Cantwell to Keep the Gateway Pacific Terminal Permit Process Open and Fair!


The Washington Environmental Council  has teamed  up with the  Lummi   Nation in asking the US Army Corps of Engineers to abandon the EIS  process  mid-stream and deny permits without even completing the environmental assessment and having all of the facts in This would be a huge denial of due process and create chaos for other job-creating projects.   

ACTION REQUESTED : Please use the contact information below to tell the Army Corps and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to do what's proper and fair and have the Corps finish the EIS process that it has started before making any decisions.


Some tribal interests (such as the Crow Nation, a producer of low-sulfur coal) are supporting the Gateway Pacific Terminal project; but the Lummi Nation opposes "any and all Cherry Point development" and refuses to even discuss with project sponsors whether common ground can be found.  It has asked the US Army Corps of Engineers to honor their tribe's request to have their own veto power over the project without going through the normal process that is designed to provide permitting agencies with a full set of facts and science.

[The public is not included in any behind-the-scenes discussions that may being going on with tribes.]


This make no sense.


The Gateway Pacific Terminal project...


...has been decades in planning


...is located on private "non-tribal" property zoned for water-dependent heavy industry


...is taking federal, state, and local governments years to start and conduct the broadest EIS review in Washington's history, after holding public hearings all over the state


...is costing the proponent (SSA Marine) more $$millions to pay for the process than even the Keystone Pipeline EIS cost

  • How could an agency make an informed and fair decision until the fact-gathering is complete?
  • And what harm is done in finishing what has been started, as long as the project is willing to pay for it?

Ask the Army Corps to have respect for working families and to let the full EIS and permit process play out before decisions are made.  And ask Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to encourage the Corps to do the right thing and complete the process that it started!


It's only fair!


[click here to see our letter to the Corps]


Contact the US Army Corps of Engineers:                         


PO Box 3755

Seattle, WA  98124-3755

(206) 764-3742


Contact Senator Murray:


154 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510
Toll Free: (866) 481-9186


Contact Senator Cantwell:


311 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC  20510 

Toll Free: (888) 648-7328            


Contact us at:  nwjobsalliance@gmail.com 

or mail us at: P.O. Box 2162, Bellingham, WA 98227

or call us at: 360-201-8249


The Northwest Jobs Alliance promotes the growth of family-wage jobs in the context of sound environmental practice. Composed of a cross-section of the community, the Alliance will focus on supporting economic vitality and growth connected with the Cherry Point industrial area.
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