April 29, 2022
Remind Your Legislators to Support
Election Day Voter Registration
We expect the legislature’s conference committee deciding the final version of the VOTES Act to report out in May. We want that version to include Election Day voter registration. Please call or email your state Representative and Senator now to make this happen. Here's what to say:

I strongly support including Election Day voter registration in the VOTES Act. Please contact the members of the conference committee--Senators Barry Finegold, Cynthia Creem and Ryan Fattman, and Representatives Mike Moran, Dan Ryan and Shawn Dooley--and ask them to include Election Day registration in this bill. Thank you.

(If you email, include your street address.)

As an added bit of evidence why Election Day registration is needed, 60% of the provisional ballots cast in the November 2020 election were rejected. Most of those voters who experienced a problem with their registration when they went to the polls would have had their votes counted if Election Day registration was in effect.

See a fact sheet on the provisional ballots here.  See Boston.com's story about rejected provisional ballots here.
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