New York State Change in Law
May Increase Your Energy Supply Price

As a core component of Governor Cuomo's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), the Clean Energy Standard (CES) is a program designed to ensure that 50% of New York's electricity is generated from renewable sources by 2030. In order to implement the CES program, cost increases to e nergy suppliers are mandated to comply with the new law. These costs are associated with the higher levels of renewable standards, and could be passed through to your organization as a 'change in law'.  

Depending upon the magnitude of the cost adjustment, some suppliers will elect to pass through the incremental costs to your organization, while other suppliers may determine the costs are not significant enough to pass through.
At this point, we have confirmed that Constellation New Energy has elected to pass through this cost.  Again, each supplier may choose to handle this cost increase differently. 
For additional information about REV, the CES program and this cost increase, click here or contact your Usource advisor below.
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