March 26, 2018

Action Alert: Next Committee Meeting regarding the 7% Cut is on March 29th

What's happening:
As noted in our March 13 Action Alert, Supportive Services rates are being cut by 7% due to a budget categorization error. The legislature and the governor previously approved this essential funding. This error needs to be fixed or it will take away support from thousands of Minnesotans with disabilities. The next committee meeting regarding this issue is Thursday, March 29th.

What you can do: Keep up the pressure on lawmakers -- they need to know how important this issue is and see the support in their districts for Stopping the Cut.
  1. If you haven't contacted your legislator about this issue, please do so now. Visit, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the sample e-mail to write your legislators and tell them to make stopping the 7% cut a priority.
  2. Submit a letter to the editor. Legislators read their local papers every day, and one of the first places they look is the Letters to the Editor page. Submitting a letter to the editor an easy and powerful way to make your voice heard. The Best Life Alliance can help you with sample language. Visit to submit your name as an interested author of a letter to the editor, and someone with the Best Life Alliance communications team will contact you to follow up.
For additional information on the 7% cut and to stay updated on its status, refer to the new resource page at .

Thank you for taking action today. With your help, we will Stop the Cut!
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