OPPOSE HB 403 – Home-Based Businesses Preemption
HB 403 will be considered by the House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee on Thursday, February 18 at 10:00 a.m. ET.
HB 403 (Giallombardo) would preempt local governments from licensing all home-based businesses and eliminate zoning, leaving just noise, parking and increased waste as issues that cities could regulate.

State statutes already require local governments to have comprehensive land use plans that designate what businesses are permitted in different areas of each municipality.  
We Need Your Help!

Immediate Action Requested
Please contact members of the House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee (click link for contact info) and urge them to Oppose HB 403.
Talking Points/Message to Legislators
Florida’s 411 cities support entrepreneurship and residents’ desire to start their own small business and provide significant support and resources to help business owners get started.

Cities currently have common sense restrictions in place that properly balance someone’s desire to open their own small business without adversely impacting their neighbors and their community.

Home-based businesses are not the same as residents working remotely from home due to COVID-19 pandemic and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Allowing unregulated home-based businesses would change the character and look and feel of Florida’s neighborhoods as well as impact residents’ peaceable enjoyment of their home.

Allowing any type of business to open in a home can lead to health and safety issues as well as endangering the welfare of neighboring residents.

Different businesses that could immediately open next door if these bills pass:

  • Fireworks business that stores explosive and flammable supplies.
  • Scooter rental business with customers picking up and dropping off scooters while leaving their cars parked on the street and in front of homes all day.
  • Funeral home storing dangerous chemicals and deceased bodies.
  • Boat repair and finishing business that stores hazardous chemicals and strong fumes that can sicken neighbors.
  • Homeless shelter.
  • Car stereo installation.

Allowing unregulated home-based businesses would mean increased customers, traffic, noise, deliveries, nuisances and health and safety issues impacting the quality of life of neighboring residents. 

For more information, contact David Cruz at 850.701.3676 or dcruz@flcities.com.
Watch Live
To watch this committee hearing, please go to The Florida Channel and click on Live Streams and look for the House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee Thursday at 10:00 a.m. ET.
Keep Us Informed

Please email Allison Payne and let us know what communications you have with legislators on this issue. 

Thank you for your advocacy efforts!