Home-Based Businesses Preemption
Oppose HB 403
Oppose Perry Amendment to HB 403 
Support SB 266 (Senate Compromise)
On Wednesday, April 28, the Senate will consider the Home-Based Businesses (HBB) bill.
Please contact your Senators ASAP and urge them to Oppose HB 403 (Giallombardo), Oppose the Perry Amendment to HB 403 (Barcode 809848) and Support SB 266 (Perry), the Senate compromise.
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Oppose HB 403
Oppose Perry Amendment to HB 403 - (Barcode 809848)
Support SB 266, the Senate Compromise

HB 403 and the Perry Amendment to HB 403 would preempt local governments from regulating HBB. HB 403 and the Perry Amendment to HB 403 would undo several key provisions of SB 266 that were supported by the Florida League of Cities. The Perry Amendment to HB 403 would:

  • Remove prohibitions on having business activities occur within view of the street
  • Remove local control over HBB hours of operation and use of exterior storage
  • Remove the prohibition on an HBB building external modifications that are visible from the street or neighboring properties
  • Remove prohibitions that an HBB uses no equipment or process that creates noise, vibration, heat, smoke, dust, glare, fumes, or odors that are plainly detectable from the street or neighboring property and instead require any local regulation on these points treat an HBB the same as any residential property
  • Add a provision that would allow an HBB owner to sue local governments and recover attorney fees for any violations by local governments of the new law
  • Allowing unregulated Home-Based Businesses would change the character and look and feel of Florida’s neighborhoods as well as impact residents’ peaceable enjoyment of their homes.

Support the Compromise - SB 266 gives many tools to local governments to enforce provisions to ensure the business is not negatively impacting neighborhoods.

For more information, contact David Cruz at 850.701.3676 or [email protected].
Please contact members of the FL Senate ASAP! 
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Please email Allison Payne and let us know what communications you have with legislators on this issue. 

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