We Urge You to Support These 2023 Bills
The Partnership is excited to support a robust slate of state legislative solutions to help close the affordable housing gap, end homelessness and advance racial equity and economic inclusion.

If you indicate support on an item and provide your information in this form, the California Housing Partnership will take care of submitting support letters for you. Please take action today to keep California on track to reach these important goals!
You may also download the support letter(s) and submit them yourself if you prefer that.
The Partnership's Co-Sponsored Bills

1) AB 1657 (Wicks) places an affordable housing bond on the 2024 ballot.

2) AB 84 (Ward) allows the welfare property tax exemption for affordable housing to take effect upon recordation of deed-restrictions.

3) AB 346 (Quirk-Silva) allows TCAC to pair enhanced state low-income housing tax credits with either 9% or 4% federal credits in years when CDLAC is competitive.

4) AB 578 (Berman) caps HCD monitoring fees so that more money can be leveraged to build housing.

5) AB 1053 (Gabriel) reduces affordable housing costs by funding HCD loans during construction.

6) SB 341 (Becker) more appropriately aligns prohousing incentives to program where local governments are the applicants.

7) SB 469 (Allen) exempts LIHTC and HCD-funded developments from Article 34.

8) SB 482 (Blakespear) requires HCD to offer capitalized operating subsidy reserves for supportive units under the Multifamily Housing Program.
These bills will not be sufficient in and of themselves to solve California’s affordable housing crisis, which requires a long-term, comprehensive, evidence-based set of policy solutions at scale, similar to those described in the Roadmap Home 2030. The Roadmap Home 2030 lays out a bold vision for solving California’s affordable housing and homelessness challenges over a 10-year period. Which is why we will be supporting an additional package of Roadmap Home legislative priorities in March. Stay Tuned!
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Andrew Dawson
Policy Advocacy Manager
Mark Stivers
Director of Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy
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